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Fetish Clothing: Taking It to the Edge

Monday, 14 October 2013 Crista

fetish clothing stockings online storeClothing can be an integral part to any physical relationship. Whether acting out a particular fantasy, fulfilling a specific kink, or merely looking for an outfit that can make private time more thrilling, costumes can be integrated into one's life to add a bit of spice. 

But just as integral to the outfit is the relationship between the partners. Sometimes, in the bedroom, there are those couples who want to explore the darker side of their sexuality, to share their edgier fantasies with those with whom they are intimate. Recent studies indicate that almost half the adult population has fantasies of either dominating their partner, or of being dominated - and today's modern culture seems to bear this out.

Witness the success of the softcore erotic novel "50 Shades of Grey," and you begin to realize that there are those out there hungering to explore sides of their sexuality that was once considered taboo.

Unleash Your Fetish

Monday, 07 October 2013 Crista

male-power-fetish-clothingDomination, Bondage, Feet, Thong. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when talking about fetishes. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, A fetish is described as being a strong and unusual need or desire for something; or a need or desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement. Taking a look at only one of these, the Thong Fetish, will hopefully help with understanding this type of fetish. 

A Thong Fetish is one that revolves around sexy underwear, or lingerie, and thongs. The desire to see someone wearing a thong, can provide incredible sexual arousal. Wearing a thong is also a part of the thong fetish. This has no doubt increased demand and popularity among clothing and lingerie retailers, looking to meet the demands of those wanting to indulge their fetish. There are numerous prints, materials, designs, and styles available to meet these demands. 

Vinyl and Fishnet SkirtDoesn’t matter if you are a cowboy, a leather daddy or a true vixen – whatever your kinky calling is, fetish clothing is a sine-quo-non to practice your burlesque routines from mid century pulp fiction. There's a lot to choose from. There's the Diamond fetish Vinyl Microfiber Strappy Collared Teddy for girls (among many others) and the Male Power Fetish Tormentor (among many more) for men. You just can't go wrong with any of them.

And yes, they come in a wide variety of makes, textures and cuts. You could really spice things up with fetish clothing that says “spice”, I mean stuff that screams seduction.

It’s not only fun to dress up that way, but fetish apparel is a real turn on. Take the Vinyl and Fishnet Skirt with front Zippers for example – that’s definitely going to get you lascivious. Or, buy the Vivace Cupless Teddy – that’s bound to turn you on.

Of course there is more elaborate fetish clothing available, but for some, the simplest (and naughtiest) stuff have the biggest impact in the bedroom.

Spicing It Up With Fantasy and Fetish Clothing

Wednesday, 02 October 2013 Crista

fantasy fetish clothingIt happens quite often, when a romance or a relationship becomes stale, and needs a boost to keep it interesting or alive.

Applying the old proverb of feeding the fire so it won't die out is necessary in these situations. But how does a couple go about refreshing their relationship when it becomes mundane?

It is not as simple as pressing a refresh button on an internet browser, however, fantasy and fantasy clothing can help couples in need of spicing up their love life. 

In reality, each partner may still like each other very much. Games and conversations, that worked well in the beginning, eventually need to be taken to the next level as the relationship advances.

Deep Thoughts on Hollywood Skin Flicks

Friday, 01 February 2013 Crista

movies and sex toysHas the mainstream movie industry begun to rival the porn industry? Over the past couple decades, audiences have been flocking to see movies seasoned with sex and nudity, enough risqué material to nearly equal the scenes you can enjoy in hardcore adult films. Sex and nudity have become so popular that the recent Sundance festival held annually in Utah has been referred to as "Porndance."

Top box-office stars shed their clothes for onscreen titillation in independent films. Naomi Watts, an Academy Award nominee this year for "The Impossible," stars in another film, "Two Mothers," in which her character has an affair with her neighbor's teenage son.

Not to be outdone, the neighbor sleeps with her rival's son. The fun never stops. The Sundance feature films also include movies about gay and lesbian sex. So much sex was openly advertised for the Sundance event that outraged local groups in Utah threatened to boycott the festival.

Brave New Wonders of the Future

Thursday, 24 January 2013 Crista

futuristic sex toyxThe ever-changing sex toy industry is already gearing up for futuristic-style vibrators, according to insiders. The vibrators being produced in the next few years will be sleek, more fashionable to appeal to mainstream users, silent because of noiseless motors, made from eco-friendly materials and designed with phallic-like shapes of sea creatures.

Except for that last part, most guys might think that vibrators of the future would resemble their own penises. So, what's the big deal? There's nothing better than the real thing at no cost. But the sex industry will continue to progress and mold newer and better adult toys. You can also take a guess at what's in store for futuristic sex toys.

You Say You Want a Resolution

Friday, 18 January 2013 Crista

couple-in-bed-gazing-into-eyesToo much sex, too little sex or better sex?

These issues could appear on your New Year's resolution list. Having too much of a good thing doesn't seem like much of a problem to overcome, at least to many people. However, too much sex could create its own difficulties.

For example, you're thinking about it too often and it's interfering with your work or even your relationship.

If you just can't get enough sex, and your partner is feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps it is a good time to resolve to some fun and playful sex toys.


True Happiness and the Meaning of Life

Thursday, 20 December 2012 Crista

sexy-couple-in-bedA recent survey reveals that adults find having sex makes them happier than having children. Some older folks are fond of saying they remember when the air was clean and sex was dirty.

Does our enjoyment of sex over having kids mean we're getting more selfish? Don't really think so. Having sex is a rewarding experience that makes other things, including kids, possible.

Ranking sex as the top happiness getter does seem perplexing. Often, when you ask a woman about the most important or exciting occurrence in her life, she will mention the day she had a child. A man will often respond some sort of career achievement. But deep down inside, we know what really makes everyone happy. By all means, don't feel guilty. We got here through sex and get through life with the help of sex. Sex is the engine that keeps your vehicle reaching its destination.

beautiful-woman-flowerOnline sexcapades have gone viral. This has greatly enhanced the lives of many people, but not for the poor souls who aren't careful. Politicians and military men have been caught with their pants down and shirts off in some cases. They didn't realize that emailing can be turned into blackmailing when texting friends or enemies alike. Whether you're Congressman Weiner or just a regular wiener, don't be a weenie when it comes to emailing or sexting. Aside from the enormous technological advances made in recent years, we still live in the same world.

Sing a Simple Song of Condoms

Thursday, 22 November 2012 Crista


It’s probably a good time to talk about condoms. After all, without the condom where would many of us be? Pretty bored to say the least, if not in court or jail.
Condoms have sure saved us a lot of hassles.
The last thing a guy thinks when putting on a condom is how these things got started. Perhaps the question has come up over a beer or during philosophy discussions with college friends.
Somebody had to come up with the idea out of necessity, at first, and then pure pleasure, which remains the ultimate goal of any sensible user.
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