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Real Aphrodisiacs Add a Kick in Your Pants

Thursday, 15 November 2012 Crista

aphrodisiacs Have you lost that loving feeling? Has your sex life dwindled so much it's affected your personal life and turned you into the neighborhood geek? Do pretty girls at parties point at you and ask, "Is that the clam dip?" When you lose that sexual feeling you really lose it. Yes, there's something to the phrase, use it or lose it. It's not so much that you have to use it. It's just that if you don't, you may forget about it all together.

There's nothing a good night in the sack wouldn't cure. But you could also use a boost. Some people may have advised you to try an aphrodisiac for you or a potential partner. If the word sounds foreign, you probably have lost it. But fear not. Aphrodisiacs, although thought to be a myth, do have some validity and you have a good chance to get back in the ball game.

Food, drinks, plants, supplements, oils and aromas have been described as aphrodisiacs over the centuries. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, inspired the name, but geeks have been trying their luck at the desired substance ever since. Scientists claim the search for a true aphrodisiac is futile. Anything that appears to work is attributed to psychological reasons. The brain is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Lights, Camera, Sex Fantasies!

Thursday, 11 October 2012 Crista

1-pc-racer-girl-lycra-racer-jump-suit-w-front-zipper-o-sSex therapists always used to say keep your sexual fantasies to yourself. Don’t act them out. But that’s sex therapy from bygone days. You can act out your fantasies without really doing them in a sense. Sex toys, costumes, role play and an assortment of delightful items make your sexual fantasies come to life. You can enjoy your fantasies to the fullest with an obliging partner or partners. Want to get tickled by a chambermaid? Go ahead, feel your pain. Want to dress up in a gorilla suit and chase your lover around the room? Be my guest. School teacher/police officer and naughty boy/girl fun? You don’t have to get in trouble. All your sexual fantasies can be realized today, especially with the many props at your fingertips, or other parts of your body. OK, maybe the gorilla suit scene requires a sex therapist. But don’t knock my hobbies.

It's All in the Motion and the Lotion

Monday, 10 September 2012 Crista

healthy sex is good for your healthAh, the sweetness of body lotions, oils, creams and gels really get your juices flowing. Tasty massage and licking applications add enjoyment to your lovemaking while satisfying the appetite. These products open up new ways to explore the never-ending approaches to imagination and innovative routines behind closed doors. But while you're deep in sexual intensity using these tasty delights, you might not be thinking about what they can do for your health. It turns out a lot. And many skin care companies have even discovered this, using natural ingredients from fruits, herbs and plants to improve skin as well as the health of your body.

Sex Parties Rule, But Only in Certain Areas

Monday, 20 August 2012 Crista

sex party attireLet's have a sex party! Sounds like fun. Get the balloons, banners and invites ready. Think of something to wear, or not wear. If you're hosting a party, add some plates, napkins, special glasses, candles and candies to celebrate the event. Don't rule out inflatable dolls, games, gift bags or other novelties, depending on your choice of party. Sex parties rule at sex conventions and group gatherings or in private homes.

There are lots of neat things to do at a sex party. Sometimes you discover new approaches and innovative ways of making love. You meet new people with similar interests or unusual hobbies that pique your interests. Wouldn't it be great if the whole country got involved in a sex party? What a time! What a country!

Guess what? In Australia, the entire country has a sex party. But before you head to Los Angeles and book a flight on Qantas for a 17-hour trip to Sydney, it's not the kind of party you might envision. The Australian Sex Party is a political party that speaks to the sexual needs of Australians as well as other issues from equality to working conditions.

Books Help Build Better Lovers

Thursday, 26 July 2012 Crista

Books provided many of us with our introduction to sexual discovery. Sure, there were the skin magazines you might have discovered in the trash or through a friend and perhaps x-rated playing cards passed around in secret at school until somebody got caught. But the details of true lovemaking often came through novels of various types. These novels might have included best-sellers or even classic literature, which included scenes you didn’t see in the film versions. Ah, so that’s how it’s done, you may have thought while books help boost sexreading erotic passages. You passionately embrace each other before undraping the woman whose breasts become exposed while the wild winds blow stronger and thunder explodes outside. It sounded so romantic, but just when you were beginning to enjoy it, the chapter ended.


That still wasn’t enough. You needed more explanations. More details! So, you somehow came across a copy of an “adults only” book, also making the rounds in class before someone got caught. This happened to a classmate who foolishly placed the book on top of his school textbooks and the words, “adults only,” caught the attention of the teacher. We feared our friend would be suspended, and so would those of us who handled the book at one time or another, but he got off with a stern lecture. The teacher mentioned no more of it and the book mysteriously disappeared, but not before it had been passed around enough to give some of us a real eye-opening experience to the nitty-gritty. Wow! I didn’t know you could do that! Is that what girls like? Sounds good to me. In some of these books, you learned sex between two people is beautiful, but the more the merrier! In some cases, kids learned to read through adult books because of subject matter that made sense (educators should take note when devising new reading programs to improve literacy). You may have barely made it out of high school, but the books that really mattered gave you the information you needed to enjoy life and intensify relationships.

The Magic of Bachelorette Parties

Thursday, 12 July 2012 Crista

There have been some interesting conversations on the Internet message boards between men and women about the new “Magic Mike” movie, which involves the trials and tribulations of male strippers. Responding to comments from men who put the movie down, some women claim these critics are jealous and insecure. The men feel threatened by male beauty and female power. Did guys complain about movies like “Showgirls?” On bachelorette partiesthe bright side, depending on how you look at it, some men have joined the female chorus in praising a film about male strippers and its appeal to women. At least one fellow pointed out that the terrific physiques on the men in the movie have motivated him to head to the gym.


Women who convince their men to accompany them in seeing the movie are overjoyed they don’t have to sit through another male action movie featuring martial arts, car chases and gun play. In this sense, men can enjoy watching male action figures and, like the guy heading to the gym, do more for themselves to become attractive to their ladies. After all, if you can feel a sense of manliness watching a crime-fighting action hero take on dozens of enemies, you can also pretend you’re up there on stage in full view and being ogled by dozens of adoring female fans. It’s the same fantasy and the movies just bring out your deep dark secrets.


Zombie Sex Sparks the Imagination

Friday, 29 June 2012 Crista

Ever had sex with a zombie? Maybe you think your partner is a real deadbeat when it comes to lovemaking. But before you consider those accusations, remember that real zombies are a lot different and scarier. Zombie mania continues to sweep the nation. People have been fascinated with tales of zombies for centuries, although the release of George Romero-style “Living Dead” zombie movies always sparks a renewal of interest in these soulless creatures brought back to life. To stretch their fantasies, zombie fans enjoy speculating on an actual zombie apocalypse that stems from a catastrophic event, causing zombies to rise and wreak havoc on the world. Some poor souls take these horror scenarios seriously. Cries of a zombie apocalypse may erupt whenever a real-life bizarre incident occurs, usually perpetrated by a drug-crazed madman. The Centers for Disease dildos, vibrators, masturbatorsControl and Prevention (CDC) was recently so frustrated with irrational fears from the public that it was forced to release a statement saying, in effect: No, Virginia, there is no such thing as zombies. Aside from zombie movies and folklore, zombies make great costumes at parties. The allure of zombies has unleashed several zombie survival guides and kits just in case there ever is a zombie apocalypse.


If you’ve ever seen the movies, you probably thought to yourself that zombies are pretty easy to knock over, as long as you don’t get in the way of their teeth. They move slowly, fall easily and really get all messed up when you shoot them in the head. The sluggish nature of zombies has even entertained some people with notions of having sex with a zombie. If you happen upon a fairly fresh zombie that looks quite attractive, it might be pretty good pickings. This could be especially true during a zombie apocalypse. Instead of killing all the zombies, the good-looking ones might be held captive for the pleasure of the captor. Assuming that a zombie apocalypse results from some kind of virus that turns the dead into the living dead, some desperate fools might even start killing attractive people with the hope of using them as sex objects.

Adult Film Stars and Older Gents

Friday, 29 June 2012 Crista

A beautiful porn star sat on my lap at an adult sex shop. That’s one of the reasons I’ve always liked those places. When you wander through an adult store, you never know what you’re going to find. You might have something on your mind, but plenty of pleasant surprises await you. Aside from the sex toys, how-to books, DVDs and other materials adult sex toys productsthat cover all sex genres, you could walk into special events the shop holds on occasion. These shops make ideal locations for adult celebrities. I met some of my favorite adult film stars at adult shops.


My first porn queen experience involved a group of friends, who decided to head down to the local adult store, which advertised the appearance of an adult film star, quite a favorite among porn fans at the time. We were about the first to show up at the shop and were all eager to have our pictures taken with her. A huge wicker chair stood in an area where she was to pose with folks for photos. We weren’t sure who got first dibs, but she came up with the idea of one of us sitting down so she could sit in his lap surrounded by the others. There was a brief pause until a close friend of mine turned to me and said, “Why don’t you sit down?” In a split second I dropped down in the chair waiting to welcome her on my lap. My friend later told me there was a look of outrage on the faces of our other friends when he made the suggestion. Early bird gets the worm, I thought.


I met many other porn stars, male and female, over the years at adult shops. When you get to talk to them, they’ll chat about their various movies and the people they’ve worked with. Sometimes I tried to pry some juicy tales out of them, but discovered their personal lives might include fishing, swimming, hunting or attending sports events. Adult film stars could be just as normal as regular human beings.

Sexy-slang-party-game-of-charades-drawingsA woman I once dated told me about an ex who frequently insisted they play a game of ring toss he invented. He would stretch out in a chair or on the floor and she would try to toss onion rings around his erect penis. A strange desire, I thought at first. But, I must admit it began to conjure up wild fantasies. Needless to say, when I suggested we stop by a fast-food restaurant later on, she wasn’t in the mood. Guess she sensed burgers and fries weren’t on my mind. 

And, hey, don’t get me wrong. I’m a completely normal guy who doesn’t usually have onion rings on the mind, not that there’s anything wrong with it. It’s just that when the going gets weird, the weird start thinking . . .  thangs. Besides, she’s the one who brought it up and therefore the ringleader. In the game of onion ring tossing, who’s the provoker? The ringer or the ringee? Regardless, there are many other games to play in the never-ending quest to put a spark in romance.

Sex games or party games can become quite creative, but a whole lot more fun when you have props, which don’t necessarily have to be of the bodily variety. They can stretch a once boring routine into a whole new realm of imagination. Party games among groups provide everyone with a new way of spicing up personal affairs. We’ve come a long way since spin the bottle. The next step in youth was strip poker. Girls would always cheat by counting their bobby pins as clothing items. Variants of the game went on to include such competitive nude contests as strip scrabble and strip blackjack, though strip solitaire never seemed to catch on except for the socially challenged.


Adult Sex Toy Blog - Revolutionizing The Sex Toy World

Saturday, 28 April 2012 Crista Raelyn

adult sex toy blogThere have been a number of massive changes to the world of adult sexual accessories over the last two decades. Sex toys and using a vibrator has gone from hush hush to open topics of conversation as the media has become fascinated with female sexuality. The waves of women shoppers has not only changed the look and feel of sex toy stores, it has also lead to a stronger focus on the quality of sex toys themselves. Vibrators have gone from having a lifespan of a few uses to years upon years. What is the next revolutionary concept within the world of sex toys? The adult sex toy blog.

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