Sex Toy How-Tos

Tips For Purchasing and Using Sex Toys

Tuesday, 20 March 2012 Crista

Tips For Purchasing and Using Sex ToysMany people are interested in purchasing and using adul sex toys such as vibrators, specialty condoms, bondage materials, porn, lubricant, or lingerie as a way to spice up their sex lives. However, the idea of walking into the local "dirty book store" can be more than just a little intimidating. Adding these toys and novelties to your love life can be a great way to have more frequent and better sex, but you don't have to feels strange about visiting a sex shop. In fact, while you may think of a sex shop as being a dark den full of scary S&M types, today's sex shops are actually bright, clean, and are more like department stores than anything else. If you're ready to try visiting a sex shop to pick out a toy, there are a few things you can do to make the trip more fun and less intimidating.

Sex Toy Store - Beyond the Basics

Saturday, 10 March 2012 Crista Raelyn

sex toy storeVirtually everyone knows the basics of what you can buy at an adult sex toy store. There are the standard vibrators, dildos, plugs and other toys. A wide variety of lubricants, arousal gels, creams and foreplay kits. Condoms, dental dams and other safe sex products. Then of course, you can find an assortment of adult novelties, gag gifts and party supplies. All of these products make shopping in an adult sex toy store an adventure, but most adult stores now stock a number of products that go far beyond these basics. Many of these items cause curiosity or even confusion in customers. If you’ve shopped in a sex toy store recently and didn’t know what an item was but didn’t want to ask? This may be the blog post for you.

Sex Toy Store - A Beginners Guide To Adult Shopping

Thursday, 02 February 2012 Crista Raelyn

sex toy storeShopping in a sex toy store has become mainstream for most Americans. As the stores themselves become more accessible by carrying a larger array of products geared towards women and couples, shopping in these stores has lost it’s taboo nature. A visit to a local sex toy store is now a fun diversion any time of the day or night for many people. A first stop for bachelorette parties before the evening gets wild. They are inspiring places when on a hot date or just a adventurous way to spend some time on an otherwise quiet evening. Even as shopping in a sex toy store becomes more normalized, virtually everyone has a small case of the butterflies before the first enter one. Here are a few things to keep in mind for any beginner to the joys of adult shopping.

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