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Wednesday, 18 April 2012 Crista Raelyn

adult sex +shopsThe world of adult sex shops is changing at rapid speed. Dirty bookstores and triple x highway destinations were the only options for buying sex toys, adult magazines or movies, and other adult novelties for decades. The products these stores sold, especially the sex toys, were made to be disposable. Either to be used once and thrown away or with shoddy craftmanship that broke down after only a few uses. If you found an item you liked, the only option was to buy it over and over again. While a great business model for the companies making these products, it was a great inconvenience to customers and one of the many reasons sex toys were not considered mainstream consumer products. All that changed though when a few smaller companies hit the scene with products for adult sex shops that were made to last.


At first the idea of sex toys that were made to last for years, if not a lifetime, was revolutionary. Selling sex toys and other sexual accessories that did not need to be promptly replaced was met with resistance, but at the same time the customer base was also changing. Thanks to wider acceptance and open conversation about women’s enjoyment of sex toys, vibrators or “the rabbit” especially, women began buying toys en masse. This new clientele not only demanded a higher quality product for their money, they also brought in the era of the boutique adult sex shops.


What is a boutique sex shop? They have an overall look and feel that is reminiscent of any other retail establishment. The only great difference between a boutique sex shop and any other gift store is the products sold. The names of these boutiques are often still slightly risque or tongue in cheek, giving the shopping experience a fun feeling from the very start. The sales staff may have different titles than just “clerk”, some being called “product educators” or something similar. This is because they receive an extensive training on the products sold and have the ability to answer adult questions in a professional manner.


The biggest difference that sets these boutique adult sex shops apart from the rest is the quality of their products. Book selections with how to’s and tips, adult movies spanning genres, and of course a large selection of sex toys that were built to please - as well as last. Dildos made of 100% silicone, glass or pyrex pieces and whisper quiet vibrators that will knock your socks off. The next time the sprit moves you, make sure to give your local adult sex shops a visit for a fun shopping experience you will not soon forget.

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