Brave New Wonders of the Future

Thursday, 24 January 2013 Crista

futuristic sex toyxThe ever-changing sex toy industry is already gearing up for futuristic-style vibrators, according to insiders. The vibrators being produced in the next few years will be sleek, more fashionable to appeal to mainstream users, silent because of noiseless motors, made from eco-friendly materials and designed with phallic-like shapes of sea creatures.

Except for that last part, most guys might think that vibrators of the future would resemble their own penises. So, what's the big deal? There's nothing better than the real thing at no cost. But the sex industry will continue to progress and mold newer and better adult toys. You can also take a guess at what's in store for futuristic sex toys.

There was the timeless "orgasmatron" in Woody Allen's 1973 sci-fi comedy, "Sleeper." Partiers of the future simply put their hands to the electromechanical sphere and their bodies were penetrated with orgasmic delight. Researchers, manufacturers and amateurs have been trying to reproduce the machine ever since. Some have boldly died in their quest, often with smiles on their faces. Jane Fonda used a similar contraption in 1968's "Barbarella." Though the actual effects were unknown, some speculate it led to her corny political ideology.

Sexual extrapolation has been explored through movies and books over the years, from pills and liquids to cybernetics and hypnotism, all for the sake of looking at the possibilities of enhancing natural pleasure. The virtual reality aspect of sex was even envisioned by Aldous Huxley in "Brave New World" as movie viewers of the future could experience the feel of a kiss from characters on a screen. This "Brave New World" concept, often utilized by sci-fi writers and prognosticators, seemed to offer negative connotations of the future world of sex. The advances made by technology would only lead to impersonal results, they appeared to be saying. Love, like freedom and individuality, would disappear because future leaders would use science for evil instead of good. We would all become obedient to the futuristic fuehrer, pawns in a society overwhelmed by computers and electronic devices.

Of course, the sudden burst of high-tech innovations in recent years has taught us otherwise. The enormous advantages in desktop and hand-held technology have improved personal interaction beyond the wildest predictions of the greatest sci-fi writers. Instead of being ruled by overbearing science run amok, we have become the rulers. We choose our sex partners from a wide selection available with instant communication and even the sex toys we want. The future is already here. And it looks a lot better than the gloomy landscape portrayed in the past. Who needs to worry about fictionalized world dictators when we can await the latest news on the size and shape of new and improved vibrators!

The "Brave New World" has become a world of opportunity. Aside from vibrators and blue pills that intensify pleasure, science and technology could be on the verge of a host of fascinating sexual delights. A "fantasy-atron" will perhaps allow us to delve into our deepest thoughts for sexual adventures we can dream with life-like realism. Time travel to a favorite experience in the past, or future, could be in the making. Nothing is far-fetched in the futuristic world of sex toys. What does the future really hold for sexual gratification? The answer might lie in what people really want. If they want it, the saying goes, it will come, and so will they. In the meantime, enjoy the futuristic fun you can have right now using your own delightfully devious minds.

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