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Friday, 01 February 2013 Crista

movies and sex toysHas the mainstream movie industry begun to rival the porn industry? Over the past couple decades, audiences have been flocking to see movies seasoned with sex and nudity, enough risqué material to nearly equal the scenes you can enjoy in hardcore adult films. Sex and nudity have become so popular that the recent Sundance festival held annually in Utah has been referred to as "Porndance."

Top box-office stars shed their clothes for onscreen titillation in independent films. Naomi Watts, an Academy Award nominee this year for "The Impossible," stars in another film, "Two Mothers," in which her character has an affair with her neighbor's teenage son.

Not to be outdone, the neighbor sleeps with her rival's son. The fun never stops. The Sundance feature films also include movies about gay and lesbian sex. So much sex was openly advertised for the Sundance event that outraged local groups in Utah threatened to boycott the festival.

The Hollywood machine has come a long way from the controversy surrounding the release of "Deep Throat" some 40 years ago. What once could only be seen in darkened theaters – sitting next to guys in raincoats – has turned into the norm for a new generation. In fact, two movies are in the making about "Deep Throat" star Linda Lovelace, who died in an automobile accident in 2002. Lovelace enjoyed years of fame promoting the groundbreaking porn film and even starred in a comical feature, "Linda Lovelace for President." A few years later, she shocked fans by joining the anti-porn movement, denouncing the film that made her a sexsation. She even wrote a book detailing the alleged horrors she endured making the film and her escapades with many celebrities in the sex world. She took no blame herself for her actions, and insisted the devil made her do it, or the people surrounding her. It most certainly should make a good movie, especially since Playboy king Hugh Hefner is a featured character in one of the movies.

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Following the controversy of "Deep Throat," which had everyone from TV talk show host Phil Donahue to advice columnist Ann Landers talking about Linda's unusual talents, the mainstream film industry slowly began testing the waters. Films such as "sex, lies and videotape" and "Nine and a Half Weeks," as well as the earlier "Last Tango in Paris" with Marlon Brando, raised eyebrows and also brought in big bucks to the box office. These films and other risqué movie features sort of legitimized hardcore sex for the general audience. People could always say they were seeing the movies just to keep up with the chatter at the office water cooler or at cocktail parties. Hollywood continued to push the outside of the envelope, leading rating system watchdogs to exchange the X-rating with an NR-rating, a way to inform audiences there was a lot of sex, nudity, and sometimes violence, in recent releases, but also allowing them room to raise revenue.

So how much further can Hollywood go? It would appear the sky's the limit. The traditional film industry is no longer just competing with the adult film industry. There's the widespread availability of sex and nudity through ever-changing technological advances, boosting the Internet and mobile devices. Instead of being risqué, Hollywood just might become passé. Perhaps the conventional film industry would be better suited returning to more well-suited films. After all, where's the controversy of sex and nudity in the movie theater when you can enjoy the same thing in the privacy of your own home or even on a tablet anywhere you want? Sure, it's great to see your favorite movie star with no clothes on once in a while. But they're just doing what many other players can do on the small or big screen. Sex and nudity are great fun, but regular folks no longer need a big Hollywood production to enjoy it when they have online services and entertainment. We'll have to see where Hollywood goes from here. It certainly will continue to be very interesting.


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