It's All in the Motion and the Lotion

Monday, 10 September 2012 Crista

healthy sex is good for your healthAh, the sweetness of body lotions, oils, creams and gels really get your juices flowing. Tasty massage and licking applications add enjoyment to your lovemaking while satisfying the appetite. These products open up new ways to explore the never-ending approaches to imagination and innovative routines behind closed doors. But while you're deep in sexual intensity using these tasty delights, you might not be thinking about what they can do for your health. It turns out a lot. And many skin care companies have even discovered this, using natural ingredients from fruits, herbs and plants to improve skin as well as the health of your body.

Yes, it's true. That stuff you use in your beauty creams, and also for enhanced sexual prowess, boosts your skin tissue for a glowing and healthy appearance when the skin applications contain fruitful ingredients. Many skin care companies harvest their ingredients from fruits and other plant-based substances to improve their products. The natural ingredients provide a pleasant aroma when skin care creams, lotions, moisturizers or masks are applied. But those same ingredients work their way into the skin to fight age-related problems such as wrinkles and lines. Because the ingredients from fruit-powered skin care products are natural, they work naturally with the skin tissue to boost skin renewal. Many skin care companies are getting away from synthetic additives and using real fruits in their products. Natural ingredients work in harmony with the skin for better results.

Fruits contain vitamins and antioxidants, major reasons why skin care companies are jumping on the all-natural skin care band wagon. The antioxidants from vitamin-rich fruits protect your skin. They fight free radicals that damage the skin. Free radicals come from environmental pollutants and outside irritants. The free radicals destroy healthy skin cells. When those skin cells are destroyed, it leaves dead and dried skin on the skin surface. This results in increased damage to the skin and contributes to skin problems, such as blemishes and breakouts. By combating free radicals, antioxidants keep the skin cells healthy and thriving, so new skin cells develop and the skin tissue remains strong.

But that's not all. Some guys might be asking, why should they care about improved skin appearance? Sure it's nice to look good, but beauty care is for women. But don't think about skin care; think about your health. The ingredients in lotions and gels also affect your body's health. The skin absorbs these ingredients, which head right to the bloodstream as well as your body's tissues and organs. What goes on your skin affects everything in your body. So when you add fruit to those products, your body is receiving antioxidants to keep you healthy. You see, free radicals can damage all cells in your body. They can lead to illness and even disease over time. Antioxidants will protect your skin and your body from outside damage. Just think of it — enhancing your sex life also improves your health! And you even get health benefits by licking the products off the skin.

Healthy fruit-flavored body glides provide a tasty massage with passion fruit flavored ingredients. Massage creams and lotions contain ingredients from cherry, watermelon and peach. Lotions and gels may also contain herbs and plants, such as cinnamon and peppermint. They have long been known to provide healing powers in teas and topical applications. Skin care companies may use cinnamon for lip gloss, not only for the taste, but also because it helps keep lips moist and puckering from healthy skin tissue. The ingredients in Emotion Lotion include fruit flavors and vegetable glycerin, an ingredient used in many skin care products to enhance the skin cells with natural effectiveness. How about a Kama Sutra Strawberry Crème Body Soufflé to enrich your lover's lips with moisture and sweetness while boosting body health!

It's hard to believe that a simple act of sex can lead to so many healthful wonders. But remember, sex itself is a healthy and necessary activity in life. A regular, healthy sex life builds up your muscle tissues and keeps your organs, especially your heart, functioning properly. Sex helps reduce stress and improves blood pressure. It strengthens your immune system to protect your body from infections as well as disease. Regular sexual activity burns calories for healthy weight management. And now you know that what you put on your skin during sex also provides you with a dose of health. Of course, this might not be on your mind when you are about to dive into something new and exciting. When the sex drive is in full gear, there's little else you care about. But it's nice to remember afterwards that those little added applications during your sexual adventures keep your body in motion. So enjoy the passion fruit of love lickers, whether a banana peter or strawberry pussy licker, and toast the taste of motion lotions.


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