Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained with Risque Email

Thursday, 06 December 2012 Crista

beautiful-woman-flowerOnline sexcapades have gone viral. This has greatly enhanced the lives of many people, but not for the poor souls who aren't careful. Politicians and military men have been caught with their pants down and shirts off in some cases. They didn't realize that emailing can be turned into blackmailing when texting friends or enemies alike. Whether you're Congressman Weiner or just a regular wiener, don't be a weenie when it comes to emailing or sexting. Aside from the enormous technological advances made in recent years, we still live in the same world.

You never know where your mail will end up. You could send a surprise visual gift to a boyfriend or girlfriend, and suddenly find yourself Porn Star of the Month on a widely viewed website. Maybe you enjoy the 15 minutes of fame, but not the possible repercussions, such as job termination or embarrassment for your family. Many of the punishments border on the absurd. One teacher faced a loss of her job simply by posting a photo of herself holding an exotic drink in her hand on Facebook. Not something for your young students to see, but not a major affront to Western Civilization either.

Here are some ways to avoid the wrath of online sexcapades. Don't send nude pictures of yourself to strangers. Always make sure you offend only the people you know. Don't do mass emailings with your risqué shots. When the whole emailing craze first began, people discovered the excitement of sharing graphic photos. But you never know who would wind up with them. I know of one person who unknowingly sent a nude photo of himself to his boss. He forgot the boss was on the mailing list. Don't know what happened. Maybe he got off scot-free if she was female. Then again, maybe not.

When you have the urge to send an explicit photo of yourself to someone, be polite and always ask first. Don't suddenly surprise the recipient with an attached photo and a, "Hey, how bout these melons!" (or "that ripe cucumber," depending on each case). Some people aren't in the mood, to say the least. Also, you most likely aren't the Greek god or goddess you think you are. Of course, you can always photo shop. Who knows what you look like under those clothes? And anyone who does, probably won't admit it.

Society is changing rapidly, but there are still the same norms to deal with. What seems sexually adventurous in your twenties could come back to haunt you. The old excuse, "I was young and needed the money," doesn't hack it anymore. Employers are often able to find lots of stuff on your background through simple online searching. There are certain people who can use photographic generosity to their advantage. I know a woman who sent in a picture with her resume for a job for a well-known publication. She got the job along with a career in journalism, thanks to a skimpy bathing suit. But that was an exception, not the rule when it comes to sexcapades. Some guys and girls have it; others don't.

The point is, why not use online sex the productive way. Virtual sex has its limits. Get real. If you want to enhance your sex life, you have plenty of options through the wonderful world of online sex shopping. Products that help improve your love life and make it significantly more exciting are right here. Online sexcapades become more fulfilling when you can take it home. What's the point of virtual contact if it remains online and impersonal? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, they say. Get out of your chair and become a great lover with your partner using the sexual enhancements available online.

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