Sex Toy Store - A Beginners Guide To Adult Shopping

Thursday, 02 February 2012 Crista Raelyn

sex toy storeShopping in a sex toy store has become mainstream for most Americans. As the stores themselves become more accessible by carrying a larger array of products geared towards women and couples, shopping in these stores has lost it’s taboo nature. A visit to a local sex toy store is now a fun diversion any time of the day or night for many people. A first stop for bachelorette parties before the evening gets wild. They are inspiring places when on a hot date or just a adventurous way to spend some time on an otherwise quiet evening. Even as shopping in a sex toy store becomes more normalized, virtually everyone has a small case of the butterflies before the first enter one. Here are a few things to keep in mind for any beginner to the joys of adult shopping.


First and above all else - the employees are not judging you by what you are looking at or buying in a sex toy store. Really, I promise. The fine folks behind the counter and walking around the store answering questions love helping people find the perfect sex toy for them, what ever that may be. Sure, some customers stick out in our minds, but you have to do something pretty over the top for that to happen. Other customers are also not paying attention to what you are browsing for because they are often too engrossed in what they are looking for or making sure you aren’t watching them.


No two sex toy stores carry the exact same selection of toys, lubricants, movies or sexual accessories. There are far too many sex toy options out there for even the mega super stores to carry everything, so if there is something that you are looking for exactly you may want to call before making the trip. While we cannot fit everything onto our shelves, this means that there will be something new to see with every single visit you make.


Finally, the last thing to know when you are first visiting a sex toy store is that while nervous laughter can be a normal reaction, it’s important to keep that laughter to yourself. What may be absurd to you may be the exact sex toy the customer a few feet from you has always been looking for. Keep the giggles for the gag gifts and novelties please, you’ll be making it a better shopping experience for everyone.

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