Sex Toy Store - Beyond the Basics

Saturday, 10 March 2012 Crista Raelyn

sex toy storeVirtually everyone knows the basics of what you can buy at an adult sex toy store. There are the standard vibrators, dildos, plugs and other toys. A wide variety of lubricants, arousal gels, creams and foreplay kits. Condoms, dental dams and other safe sex products. Then of course, you can find an assortment of adult novelties, gag gifts and party supplies. All of these products make shopping in an adult sex toy store an adventure, but most adult stores now stock a number of products that go far beyond these basics. Many of these items cause curiosity or even confusion in customers. If you’ve shopped in a sex toy store recently and didn’t know what an item was but didn’t want to ask? This may be the blog post for you.


Depending on the store you were shopping in, they may have carried a little - or a lot - of bondage accessories. Confusion over a leather locking chastity belt? These are popular toys for people who enjoy surrendering control of their sexual behavior to their partners. Pass by a stainless steel pinwheel hanging on a display? It is another very popular form of sensation based sex toy called the Wartenberg Wheel. Actually a medical device to test nerve reaction that is common with different form of sensation play or may tie into a medical play fetish. The pins you see vary in sharpness, with most of the offerings in sex toy stores being more dull than specialty toys.


Another type of toy that not only turns a number of heads only to leave folks scratching them are pumps. While penis pumps have been around for ages and most have at least a vague idea of how they work, recently sex toy stores have started carrying pumps for women. These work under generally the same principal as their phallic counterparts, using suction to increase blood flow, sensation and sensitivity to the vulva. You may even find smaller pumps that are designed just for the clitoris. The engorgement and sensitivity boosts are typically short term, but they can offer quite the pleasure punch. Of course you should always listen to your body and stop pumping at the first bit of discomfort, but if you are experiencing issues with sensitivity these are excellent sexual tools. Remember, if you are ever confused by the products that are in your local sex toy store feel free to ask a sales person. We love the items we stock and we love answering questions about them!

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