True Happiness and the Meaning of Life

Thursday, 20 December 2012 Crista

sexy-couple-in-bedA recent survey reveals that adults find having sex makes them happier than having children. Some older folks are fond of saying they remember when the air was clean and sex was dirty.

Does our enjoyment of sex over having kids mean we're getting more selfish? Don't really think so. Having sex is a rewarding experience that makes other things, including kids, possible.

Ranking sex as the top happiness getter does seem perplexing. Often, when you ask a woman about the most important or exciting occurrence in her life, she will mention the day she had a child. A man will often respond some sort of career achievement. But deep down inside, we know what really makes everyone happy. By all means, don't feel guilty. We got here through sex and get through life with the help of sex. Sex is the engine that keeps your vehicle reaching its destination.

The survey doesn't appear to detail how many of the adults who ranked sex high on the happiness scale actually had children. Or, for that matter, how many people in the survey who have children actually had sex since that time. There could be a connection. The childless couples I have known seem more eager to explore the sexual landscape from parties and clubs to various devices that make sex more fulfilling. When having children, other issues take a priority. Perhaps many parents in the survey remember the good times. Not that there's anything wrong with having children. In fact, the mere act of making children provides happiness. The key to continued happiness may involve somewhat of a balancing act, which can become an adventure in itself. There is nothing wrong with seeking pleasure, as the survey points out.

Researchers at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand conducted the sex survey of participating adults, who used cell phones and text messages to return their answers. The adults ranked sex number one when it came to the activities that make them happiest. Drinking alcohol came in second place followed by volunteering and religious contemplation. Caring for children finished in fifth place. Whatever they thought of kids, however, at least it placed far ahead of the things that made them least happy, including recovering from illness, housework, commuting and even text messaging. The adults also revealed they didn't like using Facebook, but most of them do. Doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense because the Internet and Facebook have been interesting avenues for arranging sex in some cases. But then again, maybe using the Internet takes them away from sex. Those who gave sex the top ranking also appeared to experience more pleasure and happiness in their overall lives, the researchers concluded.

The survey indicates people just want to have fun and fulfillment in their lives. After all, they give good marks to volunteering and religious contemplation. Child care takes more time. It could possibly lead to drinking more alcohol, but using that logic, having more sex would be just as much as a relief. The happiness of pursuit has been on people's minds since man first met woman. Having sex, partying, getting involved in the community and boosting your morale are different ways to achieve happiness during life's journey. Kids can be part of it, too, and they at least made the top five in the survey. So, drink, enjoy the pleasures of life and be merry when you can. Save the kids till later or keep them outside as often as possible, or better yet, on text messaging and Facebook.

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