You Say You Want a Resolution

Friday, 18 January 2013 Crista

couple-in-bed-gazing-into-eyesToo much sex, too little sex or better sex?

These issues could appear on your New Year's resolution list. Having too much of a good thing doesn't seem like much of a problem to overcome, at least to many people. However, too much sex could create its own difficulties.

For example, you're thinking about it too often and it's interfering with your work or even your relationship.

If you just can't get enough sex, and your partner is feeling overwhelmed. Perhaps it is a good time to resolve to some fun and playful sex toys.


These days, there's not much excuse for having too little sex. As Elvis often advised, if you can't find a partner use a wooden chair – or more precisely, a hot-looking inflatable mate or rubber duckie will do the trick. Don't feel silly. We've all tried it and even liked it, at least those of us with sexual creativity in our blood and bones. Heck, the things my sex doll taught me came in handy whenever I got lucky. 

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An inanimate object teaching you sex secrets? Let me count the ways. There's never any complaints and you can leave whenever you want without feeling uncomfortable or guilty. More importantly, sex toys and sexual aids help you to discover what satisfies that sensual feeling deep inside.

You can try those same methods on a partner. She or he might shout, "Wow! Where did you learn that?" You don't have to tell. Just let them think you're experienced beyond their wildest dreams.

Now that we've overcome the obstacle of having too little sex, the option most of us look for is having better sex, or just plain old good sex. Well, that's probably the reason you're here in the first place. Sexual aids, lubricants, massage oils and creams, performance enhancers, video on demand, vibrators and other adult toys all play roles in making the world go round or keeping the bedroom spinning.

The objects, clothes and imaginative ideas from the adult sex toy world can provide improvement on your lovemaking abilities or offer help in finding better ways to enhance your sexual qualities.

So when you are making those New Year's resolutions, don't just list the things you need to change. Take the next step in using the equipment - yours and that available for your purchasing pleasure - to make sure your changes are successful in the coming New Year.

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