Enhance your Orgasm with Aneros Progasm

Thursday, 16 October 2014 Crista Raelyn

condom-sense-aneros-progasm1Have you even come across tantric training wheels? Do you ever believe you can get multiple orgasms one after another? We all know that women can get multiple orgasms but believe it or not men can do the same.

The reason that most men struggle is that once they ejaculate, there is a refractory period before they can get it up again and continue. However, by using the Aneros Progasm, you can develop dry orgasms with no ejaculation event, meaning that the waves of pleasure can build.

It can end up with the most intense orgasm you have ever experienced in your life.

Like most other people, I didn't believe in this sort of thing until a few months ago when a friend bought the Aneros Progasm for me as a birthday gift. I wasn't initially interested in it but curiosity got the better of me and I opened the package to find a strange looking device staring back at me. I began reading the instructions and soon I found myself using this delightful device.

Unisex Toys are Fun for Everyone

Wednesday, 09 April 2014 Crista Raelyn

vibe-strapMy boyfriend and I were looking for the right sex toy to add to our love making sessions. We decided to choose the Fetish Fantasy strap on. I can say only good things about this interesting sex toy.

My boyfriend always liked a little anal play, and I enjoy a good vibrator.  Right from the start, we began to enjoy our new sex toy and particularly liked the vibrating feature to enhance the stimulation. We were delighted and both lost ourselves in pleasure and ecstasy.

Vibrator dildos are among the most popular sex toy choices around. The pulsating penetration can be riveting. The vibration from the dildo stimulates and engorges the g-spot and the vaginal walls, increases the blood flow and allows for enhanced pleasure and breathtaking orgasms.

Men also can benefit from the unisex strap on dildo as it enhances the blood flow to the penis can helps for a more firm erection. Strap on dildos are also great for those people who lack sex drive.

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