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Wednesday, 09 April 2014 Crista Raelyn

vibe-strapMy boyfriend and I were looking for the right sex toy to add to our love making sessions. We decided to choose the Fetish Fantasy strap on. I can say only good things about this interesting sex toy.

My boyfriend always liked a little anal play, and I enjoy a good vibrator.  Right from the start, we began to enjoy our new sex toy and particularly liked the vibrating feature to enhance the stimulation. We were delighted and both lost ourselves in pleasure and ecstasy.

Vibrator dildos are among the most popular sex toy choices around. The pulsating penetration can be riveting. The vibration from the dildo stimulates and engorges the g-spot and the vaginal walls, increases the blood flow and allows for enhanced pleasure and breathtaking orgasms.

Men also can benefit from the unisex strap on dildo as it enhances the blood flow to the penis can helps for a more firm erection. Strap on dildos are also great for those people who lack sex drive.

I think that the Fetish Fantasy unisex strap-on is the perfect toy for couples, both conservatives looking to expand their horizon and kinky people looking to play. The vibratory strap-on allows you to be in charge for your own satisfying pleasure. It is versatile and can be used in women to women encounters or for a thrilling rear end experience.

Many men would love to experience a deep anal penetration and the toy is ready to provide a lot of excitement. The regular size strap on is also hollow inside, allowing men who have erection issues to enjoy the pleasures of a stiff penis. The stretchable harness that holds the sex toy secured in place is one size fits all.

You can use the corded controller for turning on the power and selecting the preferred vibration speed. Then the tip of the strap on comes alive to bring you to ecstasy with its pulsating pleasure. Different operation speeds will deliver a variation to vibrations and you can experiment with the most enjoyable sensations for you. What's also great is that the strap-on vibe operates in a quiet mode.

The unisex Vibe in Flesh sex toy delivers strap-on power at its best, providing ultimate pleasure for him and her. Trust me, I know!

You Men Will Enjoy It Too

The hollow design features realistic balls and it was designed specifically to suit both the male and the female wearer. Its shape is molded from an actual erect penis and features an entry point where the male can insert his penis and enjoy delivering enhanced stimulation and deeper penetration. The hollow strap on dildo definitely makes a great penis extension for those who want those extra few inches in length.

As a man you can enjoy wearing this vibrating dildo strap on for a bust of confidence in case you are not content with your penis size or you are experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Wearing a hollow strap on dildo over your manhood will add some extra girth and a few extra inches of length, providing extra pleasure to your partner and giving you a real ego boost.  Just tell your lady that you're doing it for her and she won't think twice about it!  What woman would turn down some good vibes?

Other gentlemen just enjoy wearing a strap-on for adding variation to their sexual play or experiencing their kinks and fantasies. It makes a thrilling sexual experience to experience having a penis that vibrates. Expermenting with sex toys and accessories in the bedroom is a healthy and fun way of expressing your sexuality and discovering the most enjoyable ways to satisfy yourself and your partner.


Same way as a strap on dildo is used by women, an unisex strap on used by a man is secured with a harness that can adjust to find the best fit. The hollow unisex strap on dildo allows men to slide their penis inside and use the dildo as a penis extension. It is easier to slide your penis into the hollow dildo if you apply some lubricant on your penis first. However, you need to be aware that with silicone sex toys you must only use water based lubricants.

The realistic strap-on dildo features all aesthetic detail of a real penis, with all the nodules, veins, and even testicles. This unisex dildo will add a few extra inches to enhance your manhood in the most natural way. Your fantasies will come to life with the realistically shaped shaft and its intimate details that will fill you up in a way never experienced before.

The vibrating strap-on is a great sex toy for adding a new exciting sexual thrill to your love making sessions. The vibrations not only stimulate your female partner, but they will also travel down the length of dildo to stimulate the wearer as well. Believe me, your ordinary sex sessions will turn into a wonderful ride, full of ecstasy and intense pleasures! Give it a go, it'll become your next favorite sex toy, and your partner's too!

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