The Magic of Bachelorette Parties

Thursday, 12 July 2012 Crista

There have been some interesting conversations on the Internet message boards between men and women about the new “Magic Mike” movie, which involves the trials and tribulations of male strippers. Responding to comments from men who put the movie down, some women claim these critics are jealous and insecure. The men feel threatened by male beauty and female power. Did guys complain about movies like “Showgirls?” On bachelorette partiesthe bright side, depending on how you look at it, some men have joined the female chorus in praising a film about male strippers and its appeal to women. At least one fellow pointed out that the terrific physiques on the men in the movie have motivated him to head to the gym.


Women who convince their men to accompany them in seeing the movie are overjoyed they don’t have to sit through another male action movie featuring martial arts, car chases and gun play. In this sense, men can enjoy watching male action figures and, like the guy heading to the gym, do more for themselves to become attractive to their ladies. After all, if you can feel a sense of manliness watching a crime-fighting action hero take on dozens of enemies, you can also pretend you’re up there on stage in full view and being ogled by dozens of adoring female fans. It’s the same fantasy and the movies just bring out your deep dark secrets.


Zombie Sex Sparks the Imagination

Friday, 29 June 2012 Crista

Ever had sex with a zombie? Maybe you think your partner is a real deadbeat when it comes to lovemaking. But before you consider those accusations, remember that real zombies are a lot different and scarier. Zombie mania continues to sweep the nation. People have been fascinated with tales of zombies for centuries, although the release of George Romero-style “Living Dead” zombie movies always sparks a renewal of interest in these soulless creatures brought back to life. To stretch their fantasies, zombie fans enjoy speculating on an actual zombie apocalypse that stems from a catastrophic event, causing zombies to rise and wreak havoc on the world. Some poor souls take these horror scenarios seriously. Cries of a zombie apocalypse may erupt whenever a real-life bizarre incident occurs, usually perpetrated by a drug-crazed madman. The Centers for Disease dildos, vibrators, masturbatorsControl and Prevention (CDC) was recently so frustrated with irrational fears from the public that it was forced to release a statement saying, in effect: No, Virginia, there is no such thing as zombies. Aside from zombie movies and folklore, zombies make great costumes at parties. The allure of zombies has unleashed several zombie survival guides and kits just in case there ever is a zombie apocalypse.


If you’ve ever seen the movies, you probably thought to yourself that zombies are pretty easy to knock over, as long as you don’t get in the way of their teeth. They move slowly, fall easily and really get all messed up when you shoot them in the head. The sluggish nature of zombies has even entertained some people with notions of having sex with a zombie. If you happen upon a fairly fresh zombie that looks quite attractive, it might be pretty good pickings. This could be especially true during a zombie apocalypse. Instead of killing all the zombies, the good-looking ones might be held captive for the pleasure of the captor. Assuming that a zombie apocalypse results from some kind of virus that turns the dead into the living dead, some desperate fools might even start killing attractive people with the hope of using them as sex objects.

Dance Pole Kits - Nearly Endless Sex Appeal

Sunday, 26 February 2012 Crista Raelyn

dance pole kitsWhile you may have a wide range of feelings about the strip clubs that made them famous, it is virtually impossible to deny the sexual punch that is the iconic dance pole. Almost everyone has had at one point or another in their life a fantasy about a sensual striptease done just for them - their own private dancer. The art of the strip tease is well documented and a skill that has a long and storied history. Now, thanks to a number of excellent companies you can bring home and harness this sensual energy with any one of these sexy dance pole kits.

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