The Magic of Bachelorette Parties

Thursday, 12 July 2012 Crista

There have been some interesting conversations on the Internet message boards between men and women about the new “Magic Mike” movie, which involves the trials and tribulations of male strippers. Responding to comments from men who put the movie down, some women claim these critics are jealous and insecure. The men feel threatened by male beauty and female power. Did guys complain about movies like “Showgirls?” On bachelorette partiesthe bright side, depending on how you look at it, some men have joined the female chorus in praising a film about male strippers and its appeal to women. At least one fellow pointed out that the terrific physiques on the men in the movie have motivated him to head to the gym.


Women who convince their men to accompany them in seeing the movie are overjoyed they don’t have to sit through another male action movie featuring martial arts, car chases and gun play. In this sense, men can enjoy watching male action figures and, like the guy heading to the gym, do more for themselves to become attractive to their ladies. After all, if you can feel a sense of manliness watching a crime-fighting action hero take on dozens of enemies, you can also pretend you’re up there on stage in full view and being ogled by dozens of adoring female fans. It’s the same fantasy and the movies just bring out your deep dark secrets.


Nevertheless, movie managers are getting ready for some of their theaters being turned into huge bachelorette parties. If any of these women become as fanatical as some do during live male revue events, the floors of the theater could be covered with spilled popcorn, soda and other debris. It might even be worse. But, at least for now, groups of women will have an inexpensive outlet to plan their bachelorette parties, and some women might prefer a movie theater to a male strip show so they can keep a little privacy. With a movie and a show, they get the best of both worlds. Who needs all those high-priced, watered-down drinks anyway? Watching male strippers on the screen also avoids disruption at the workplace when, for example, a construction worker holding a boom box shows up at the office in front of the birthday girl’s desk and suddenly takes off his pants.


Despite the popularity of male dancers, bachelorette parties don’t necessarily have to include this staple of entertainment and may feature other fun activities. In fact, sometimes the gatherings are just a way for women to bond with each other. They might joke, drink, play games and talk about certain subjects freely without worrying about male reactions. The party may consist of a girls night out in the privacy of someone’s home or a dinner and show or just hopping from club to club. Whatever the plans, the women choose what they want to do for themselves and the bride-to-be. Guys have done the same thing to honor the groom-to-be for centuries and it’s only been in recent decades that girls have had the opportunity to let loose and give their girlfriends the time of their lives on their last night of single life.


Some lavish ideas for a bachelorette party may include a weekend in Las Vegas or other popular tourist destination. Or how about some time at a spa resort with full service for everyone! It all depends on how long you want your bachelorette party to last. Some women love having a bachelorette pajama party to bring back teen memories, ordering pizza and renting movies. Instead of enjoying male strippers, some women use parties as an opportunity to satisfy their men. They invite an expert as a guest at the party house to instruct them on the art of stripping and pole dancing, which provides some healthy exercise at the same time.


Or you could also invite a professional who demonstrates the latest adult sex toys. The evening can turn into a hilarious event, but also provide the women with ways to improve their love lives. Of course, adding spice to the evening can include the many party favors that brighten up a bachelorette party. These items may include everything from tasty penis candy to pecker candles for a bachelorette cake. Chocolate dicks of all sizes, boobie bites, X-rated gift bags, pink cowboy hats or sexually explicit paper cups and plates add to the party flavor. You could even have a blast with party games, such as the Bride-to-Be I.O.U. Dare Game so you can exchange secret party dares for naughty fun. Make your bachelorette party more fun than just a dinner and show. Include invitations, balloons, banners and novelties by shopping online to not only find party supplies, but also to come up with your own unique ideas!

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