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Tuesday, 09 September 2014 Crista Raelyn


clone-a-willy-condom-senseDo you want to send somebody a hilarious sex gift? Ever wondered what it would feel like to have an exact replica of your own private parts? I got the idea of buying this kit from a friend who I was living with at the time.

My husband was planning to go abroad to a conference which meant he would be away for a couple of weeks. I was desperate to find something that would help preoccupy my time when he is gone. Both of us are fans of sex toys and I have a great collection of vibrators and dildos alike, but none of them can compare to real sex.

When I saw the Clone a Willy kit, I was instantly drawn to how I could make an exact mold of my husband's private member. I decided to buy it and with hindsight it was probably the best gift I have ever purchased.


The Clone a Willy kit does exactly what the name suggests. In the same way that they make molds of famous porn stars, this provides an exact replica of a male penis in its erect form. It is one of the coolest things we have ever done as a couple and we nearly broke down in laughter several times. It is such an innovative idea.

There are thorough usage instructions provided with the package and anyone can do it without any problems. It was a bit messy when we did it so it is probably advisable to do it in the bathroom. Essentially, you have to time it carefully and make sure your partner keeps up the erection when you prepare the mold. The rubbery gelatin substance then settles giving you the exact replica of the penis. It peels off easily from the skin but be sure to shave the skin as you don't want to give a wax job at the same time! I was very impressed by the quality of the end product and now I have something to cherish every time I have to spend the night alone in my room.

The resulting replica feels like any other dildo I have used, with the vital exception that it feels exactly like my partner penetrating me. It comes with a vibrator option available which is an absolute bonus. It is soft and even though I have sensitive skin it did not give me any reactions. It is designed to be latex free and has been tested vigorously to meet safety standards. I find it comfortable to use without any lubrication but others may find water based lube beneficial.

I can only compliment the company for developing such a fantastic toy as it literally replicates my partner's penis down to the smallest detail imaginable. Gone are the days when I wait patiently for him to come back day after day, getting bored with my usual sex toys. With the Clone a Willy kit, I get the satisfaction of feeling my partner inside me without him actually being physically present. On top of this, it provided endless hours of entertainment when we decided to go ahead with the molding process.

Final Thoughts

Some people say that the kit is difficult to use but this cannot be further from the truth. If you actually take the time to read the instructions, it gives you detailed advice on how to use the molding powder. It is extremely simple and easy to use and anybody can do it with little time. A useful tip is to make the mold quickly because the substance settles quite soon after it is ready. If you are struggling, there are some ready made videos on the web demonstrating on this is done.

The Clone a Willy Kit is also pretty cheap and it is a great romantic gift for your loved ones. Alternatively, you can buy it for your friend's birthday or simply somebody you know well for a quick laugh. I am now recommending this gift for all of my close friends. For me, I certainly have no regrets purchasing this as it means I have a permanent way of remembering my partner's presence. It has certainly brought our relationship much closer together.


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