Icicles No. 10 Hand Blown Glass Massager Review

Thursday, 09 October 2014 Crista Raelyn

condom-sense-icicles-no-10Do you or your partner want to explore anal sex? Want to have a specialist adult sex toy made to the very highest standards?

The Icicles No. 10 hand blown glass massager is the perfect sex toy for the anal lover. I had the pleasure of introducing anal sex to my new partner a few months ago. We have been dating for a while and enjoying normal sex like any other couple.

She was actually completely new to the whole anal experience so I wanted something to help ease the whole process. I was looking through the sex toy catalog when I saw this beautiful glass toy and couldn't take my eyes off it.

Having looked at all the positive reviews, I decided to buy it to impress my partner and try it out on her. Needless to say, I was not disappointed one bit with the quality of this masterpiece.


The Icicles glass massager is carefully well crafted sex toy and hand blown to match your highest expectations. It came protected in its tiny neat package. When I opened it up, I was surprised to find a high quality sex toy product. Unlike many other cheap dildos and vibrators in my sizable collection, this glass toy is of another level in the playing field altogether.

It is hand blown glass meaning it is completely clear and has no visible artifact at all. It is one of the first glass toys I have bought and I was well impressed by how clear and crystalline it looks. It is shaped like a wand with an enlargement at the end. It is completely waterproof meaning that you can use it anywhere you want, including in the bath if you so wish.

Despite what other people think, it does not break easily and can last you for many years. My partner had problems with other sex toys because of her sensitive skin but never had any problems with this model. The glass is completely hypoallergenic and even my girlfriend swears by it.


The advantages of having a glass sex toy is that you can use it at different temperatures. You can run it under a warm tap or just rub it against your skin and it will retain its heat well. On the other hand you can use it cold by keeping it in the fridge for a cold sensation. If you prefer the hot and cold game then this will allow you to do that without any problems unlike plastic products. That is truly the beauty of the whole thing.

As my partner is just starting out, I found the size graduations extremely useful. We started with the smaller end first until she loosened up and then slowly proceeded to the bigger end after multiple sessions. My partner absolutely loved it and thinks it added a whole new dimension to her sexual experience. Even now that we are engaging in anal activities regularly she still loves playing with the toy. Sometimes we use it in masturbation sessions, and other times in our foreplay so the possibilities are endless.

Final thoughts

When I first came across this adult massager, I was struck by how beautiful it looks in real life and to date it is still one of my highly prized possessions. As with other Icicles products, this glass toy is made to the highest standards and it is literally unbreakable. It remains one of my favorite sex toys amongst my large collection and that is saying a lot. I love the smooth glass surface and the versatility of its use in any situation.

Initially my partner was quite apprehensive about the whole idea of anal sex, but I feel that this sex toy has put her at her ease completely. She was able to try it out on herself at the start and now she is completely addicted to it and is asking for this nice butt massager every time we meet. For those who are just thinking of stepping into the world of anal sex, then you will definitely not regret buying this luxurious item. Even if you choose to use it casually once in a while it would truly change your idea about anal sex for good.

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