Review of the 10-Function Silicone G-Caress

Thursday, 21 August 2014 Crista Raelyn

g-caress-10-function-funDo you fancy having a night out with your lady friends? Want to try out what sex feels like from the other end? I felt quite lonely after a recent split up with my husband a few years ago. Since then, I have been trying to find a way of exploring sex with my girlfriends. However I always come across as pretty shy and struggle to initiate foreplay.

Then the idea popped into my head as to whether I could get a sex toy similar to the other vibrators I have used in the past, but adapted for my girlfriend. I came across the 10-Function Silicone G-Caress when I visited a sex toy store a few weeks ago and thought it would be a good way of re-igniting my sexual appetite and passion. I bought the toy without any hesitation and I was impressed by the color and neat packaging. I already have quite an extensive collection of toys at home but this looked really special.

Design and Use

The Silicone G-Caress is basically a strap on vibrator attached to a harness. The harness is made from strong material and fits securely to the body without any problems. It is adjustable meaning that it would fit pretty much any waist size. The dildo is also fitted securely in place and it is silky and smooth to the touch. The dildo is about seven inches long which should be suitable for most couples. There are multiple silicone probes situated throughout the shaft to yield the maximal vibratory effect. It operates by two AA batteries. If you like, you can use the dildo separately by sticking it onto a surface with a suction pad, meaning that the possibilities are limitless. Both me and my girlfriend spent hours experimenting the best way of getting the maximal stimulation in different positions.


The Silicone G-Caress has ten different speed functions which means you have the sole control over how much stimulation is delivered. At the maximal speeds, it can be quite intense and I find myself climaxing within minutes. This is really saying something as I always find it difficult to reach orgasm with previous partners. It is also not very noisy even at maximum speed setting, which is a real advantage as we like to make out in a shared flat. I find that we only need to use minimal lubrication during our sessions because the dildo is so smooth that it fit right in without any problems. When my girlfriend is not around, I can easily detach the dildo and place it on a hard surface and simply sit on it.

Compared to other sex toys, I really like the Silicone G-Caress because of the freedom it gave me and the fact that I can use it in multiple positions. My girlfriend also likes it very much and it has become one of our favorite toys whenever we meet. It is giving her a lot of pleasure in ways she couldn't imagine before and it has boosted our confidence so much. We are now spending more nights together and it has also drawn our relationship much closer. In the previous times, we used to have awkward moments where we wouldn't know where to start but now the problem has been eradicated. The Silicone G-Caress has given us the freedom to explore sex with my girlfriend in ways that we couldn't do before.

Final Thoughts

The dildo strap on harness is a fantastic idea and it is extremely versatile to use. Even if you are not into lesbian sex, it can be used for both male and female partners alike. Whether it is part of foreplay or self masturbation, the dildo with its multispeed control is perfect for any occasion. If you are a novice just starting out with sex toys, this is a good pick but it is more expensive than other models. However, you would soon realize the value of the toy and reap the benefits. Some people have commented on the intensity of the vibrations which is an attribute to how effective the Silicone G-Caress is. Overall, I would recommend the Silicone G-Caress to those women who are thinking of exploring sex with their girlfriends.

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