Spice up your Sex Life with the Silicone Love Rider Rippler

Tuesday, 10 June 2014 Crista Raelyn

Silicone-Love-Rider-RipplerDo you want a real sex toy to spice up your love life? Are you looking for a vibrator that would give you a realistic experience? I have to admit that I have a good collection of dildos around the house, but I am still hunting for that perfect one.

My partner bought the Silicone Love Rider Rippler a few weeks ago as a birthday gift. We were both very excited to see the product arrive and I was the first to undo the packaging. It looked quite beautiful on the box cover, and when I took it out I was surprised by how lightweight and pretty it looked.

Needless to say, we decided to give it a try that night straight away. I was so impressed that I decided to write a personal review of this interesting product.


The device itself is a pink silicone dildo that is just over seven inches long. This product comes prepackaged with the full body harness already attached onto the dildo. If you want to use it solo you can detach it and use the suction pad on the end to attach it to a fixed surface. My boyfriend is pretty big in size but he is still able to fit the harness on properly. Just to give you an idea, the product website claims it can accommodate up to a 70 inch waist. It is quite comfortable to wear for my partner and easy to put on. I was impressed by how secure the dildo was attached to my partner's body. It didn't move or budge significantly during our session together. The dildo itself is made of silicone and doesn't smell too bad when it came out of the box. Besides you can easily clean it after use with some soap and water after use. The vibrator is battery operated and needs two AA batteries. It is quite convenient and doesn't take up too much space even with the harness.


The vibrator speed is changed using the connected remote control and there are ten speed settings. I usually find it quite difficult to climax but this device did the trick for me. I found the higher speed levels quite intense, which is exactly what I was hoping for. If this vibrator worked for me then I would say it should satisfy most girls out there. To be honest, it is probably better than a lot of the other vibrators in my collection. The length of the dildo is just right for me, but as you can't increase the length bigger girls may find it unsatisfactory. I didn't even feel the need to apply any lubrication because I was quite turned on at the time. It is not too noisy compared to other vibrators, even at the higher settings. If you want to pause the vibration midway then it can literally be turned off with the switch of a button. I was surprised that it remembered the previous speed setting so I was able to pick up where I left off. The only qualm I have is that the wire to the remote control dangles a bit and gets caught up occasionally.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really liked this product so I would give it 9 out of 10. It is not completely perfect but it is nearly there. I think the company designed it well and thought of the features that would really make it work with a real partner. Even if you don't have anybody around, you can always use the vibrator solo on its own. We picked the pink one because it is my favorite but it also comes in different colors. In case you are wondering, it doesn't really cost too much (just under $40). The performance is good and I think my husband really enjoyed it as well. We are starting to use this toy more and more each week. If he is not in the mood then he uses the harness, but otherwise it is also great for just a bit of foreplay. This dildo definitely has a place in my collection. I would recommend this product for anyone who wants something more fancy than the usual sex toy.

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