The Double Trouble is Extreme Excitement for Your Man!

Thursday, 29 May 2014 Crista Raelyn

Pipedream-Extreme-Double-TroubleThis is a review of the Pipedream Extreme Double Trouble.

I travel quite a bit for work, and my poor husband is left alone. Being a very frisky male with a birthday fast approaching, I thought I would try to help him out a little bit. I went on the hunt for something to spice up his masturbation sessions, but I certainly did not want the average sleeve.

It always seems that the ladies have more fun and infinitely greater choices when it comes to sex toys. The guys are left with few options, especially when they want to increase the pleasure from their solo time. Thankfully, the selection of men’s toys is definitely not what it used to be, and the Pipedream Extreme Double Trouble is proof of that.

You can only imagine my surprise when I found this nasty looking toy. The package said it would give him twice the fun, so I figured that was a great start. Three large bulbous sections, two vibrating parts, and an interesting soft material all made this toy unlike anything else on the market.

Plus, I liked the fact that it had tons of these little nubs around the opening and along the inside of the shaft. I immediately thought they would give him a nice tickling or massaging effect. The non-phthalate material is soft and kind of squishy feeling.

While not exactly like real skin, I could not resist inserting a finger to check it out for myself. It felt like a wonderful substitute that would not irritate one of my favorite parts of him. The toy does require three small batteries, which do come with the toy, so I did not need to buy anything extra.

I purchased the Extreme Double Trouble and brought it home to wrap up for him. You should have seen the look on his face when he opened it. He was wide-eyed and let out a gasp that I knew meant he was thrilled. Score one for the little wife! With a huge kiss, I encouraged him to give it a try. He decided to enjoy me instead and saved it for my next business trip out of town.

When I was back in my hotel one night, he gave me a call and sounded pretty out of breath. He immediately told me one word: wow! I cracked up laughing and knew what he meant. He had tried out his new toy and ended up loving it.

He quickly discovered that the two vibrators could be removed and used on other parts of the body, but they certainly provided a very substantial stimulation when attached to the toy as intended. He said that the bottom one tickled his scrotum almost too much- he felt like exploding within minutes. Since that was no fun, he found a better use for it on his nipples.

The second vibrator that mounts on the top side of the sleeve was his favorite because it pulsated the entire length of his shaft when he was masturbating. He said it was a really exciting change from simply using his hand.

Overall, it gave him more pleasure than he ever dreamed possible, and he thanks me profusely. I encouraged him to enjoy but to try and get some sleep at some point that night.

We have learned several things about this unique sexual device. The best is that it is a lot of fun when used as a couple. I can hold and move the two vibrators all over my husband's body while he uses the stroker. The bulbous design is almost ingenious because it creates a suction that he found really pleasurable.

The batteries do have a fairly substantial life, so your man can use them for hours of fun. But you might want to caution him to not be too rough with the toy. The material it is made of will end up with small rips or tears in it when it is used too hard or not cleaned and stored properly after use.

Be sure to buy the toy cleaner that Pipedream sells. Though the Extreme Double Trouble does come with a small amount, if your guy intends on using it as often as mine did, he is going to need more. The cleaner really works great on this unusual, plastic material and helps it stay flexible and soft. We would certainly recommend it for all guys, and to those ladies who want to surprise their guys with something truly enjoyable.


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