Adult Film Stars and Older Gents

Friday, 29 June 2012 Crista

A beautiful porn star sat on my lap at an adult sex shop. That’s one of the reasons I’ve always liked those places. When you wander through an adult store, you never know what you’re going to find. You might have something on your mind, but plenty of pleasant surprises await you. Aside from the sex toys, how-to books, DVDs and other materials adult sex toys productsthat cover all sex genres, you could walk into special events the shop holds on occasion. These shops make ideal locations for adult celebrities. I met some of my favorite adult film stars at adult shops.


My first porn queen experience involved a group of friends, who decided to head down to the local adult store, which advertised the appearance of an adult film star, quite a favorite among porn fans at the time. We were about the first to show up at the shop and were all eager to have our pictures taken with her. A huge wicker chair stood in an area where she was to pose with folks for photos. We weren’t sure who got first dibs, but she came up with the idea of one of us sitting down so she could sit in his lap surrounded by the others. There was a brief pause until a close friend of mine turned to me and said, “Why don’t you sit down?” In a split second I dropped down in the chair waiting to welcome her on my lap. My friend later told me there was a look of outrage on the faces of our other friends when he made the suggestion. Early bird gets the worm, I thought.


I met many other porn stars, male and female, over the years at adult shops. When you get to talk to them, they’ll chat about their various movies and the people they’ve worked with. Sometimes I tried to pry some juicy tales out of them, but discovered their personal lives might include fishing, swimming, hunting or attending sports events. Adult film stars could be just as normal as regular human beings.


I’ve always had fun in adult sex shops and often wondered what it would be like to work in one. My first thought is what a great job to be around all this cool stuff all the time. But store clerks, no matter where they work, often put up with the daily routine of everyday working. I’m also curious about how a woman feels when working in an adult shop. These areas were once reserved for males, but more females have been showing up as adult stores have provided higher quality products, and sex in general has opened up to a wider audience.


Not too long ago I stopped in an adult store where a woman worked behind the counter. Along with me, there was one other customer, an elderly gentleman who seemed somewhat out of place. He repeatedly walked up to the female clerk to ask questions about various adult toys and products. I wasn’t listening carefully, but curiosity got the best of me and I walked closer to the counter to catch some of the conversation. Before I could hear anything, I noticed the look on the clerk’s face. At first she rolled her eyes, but then had a look of concern as the gentleman continued to inquire about the latest penis pump he had picked up from a shelf. I thought she was handling herself well, so when it came time to leave I headed toward the door, but I noticed a look of panic on the woman’s face, as if she were saying, “Help me.”


Had I left at that time, she would be alone with this seemingly dangerous character. So I headed back to the counter and asked about a few products on the wall behind the clerk. I think it had to do with oils and lotions, but I wasn’t concerned. We got to talking and the old man went back through the shop, picking up a few more items and bought them while I continued looking over items at the counter. He left, I believe with the pump and other toys in a bag, and seemed happy about his purchase. That was it. Just a harmless old man, enjoying a risqué conversation with a young female clerk at an adult sex shop. When I left this time, the woman seemed a bit more at ease.


Despite the old reputation of sex shops, people of all ages and interests enjoy what today’s establishments have to offer. Although characters like the older gentleman may happen by now and then, they usually pose no danger. After all, it is a sex shop, and you do have to ask questions about products at times. And with the growing interest and sophistication of people who want to improve their sex lives, adult sex shops have become as convenient as conveniences stores, many of them open all night, just in case you need something in a hurry. So, whether it be porn stars or penis pumps, you never know what pleasant surprises you will find at your local adult shop.

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