My Review of the Invisible Adonis Pouch

Friday, 03 October 2014 Crista Raelyn

condom-sense-adonis-pouchLooking for a fancy new adult sex toy idea that could enhance your bedroom sessions? I was looking to buy a sex toy as a gift for my long term partner of five years. It is a special anniversary so I set forth to my local sex toy store and began browsing around for interesting ideas.

We already have a good collection of dildos and vibrators so I am looking for something really special that would make a real treat for my boy. My eyes set upon the invisible adonis pouch and I was instantly attracted by the packaging and design.

It is like a pouch but completely clear and see through, which I have never come across before. I thought it would be a nice gift and that he would like it. I bought it and had it wrapped up in a neat little package so that I could present it to him on the special day. Needless to say, he was shocked and awed at the same time. We both shared a giggle and discussed how we are going to use it that night.


The invisible adonis pouch is like a cock ring with a pouch for the testicles to enhance sexual pleasure. The pouch offers additional support for my partner and it is both comfortable and discreet. When he put it on it was hardly noticeable at all because it is made from a clear substance. The cock ring helps to constrict blood return from the male member and enhance the erection for longer. Also included is a battery supplied vibrator that can bring additional teasing power.

The vibrator has multiple speed options and can be removed if needed. The pouch is large enough to fit male member of any size. My partner is quite big (more than six foot five) but even he commented that the pouch is roomy enough for him. As we are into role playing at that time, we had a lengthy foreplay session and amazingly he kept his erection going without the need for extra stimulation. We then decided to try the vibrator and he was completely turned on even at the lowest speed setting.


When we first used the invisible adonis pouch, it was a real pleasure and we felt that we have not had such fun for a long time. We tried it out in different positions and felt it worked best with me riding on top. Obviously, the vibrator can be detached and applied on sensitive surfaces and positions, meaning that the possibilities are absolutely endless.

My partner tried it out in doggy position and it worked equally well. The big bonus is that he kept his erection during the whole sex session, which is something that doesn't always happen. The adonis pouch helped enhance his erection and the vibrator certainly boosted his sexual appetite. The vibration also transmitted to me as well whilst I was on top and turned me on simultaneously. We both ended up groaning and climaxing at the same time. Overall, the invisible adonis pouch definitely added fire to our love making process.

Final Thoughts

Of all the adult sex toy ideas, I think this would be a perfect gift for the novice but it would easily satisfy others. For those who are more experienced, you may want something more sophisticated or powerful. However, the vibrator speed can be adjusted and you can tweak with the speed settings until you get satisfied.

My only tip is to use a bit of water based lubricant before putting it on as there can be a bit of friction against the skin. Also, the pouch may not fit everyone and it may get a bit too loose for other people. However, my partner thinks it is comfortable and could wear it the whole evening. Otherwise I think it is an excellent idea and certainly innovative in its design and usage. It certainly turned us on that night and we both had a great time. And as to the question whether I would recommend it to others - if you are out for something fun and lighthearted then this would be the ideal gift for a friend or loved one.

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