Adult Novelties - Not Just For Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, 14 February 2012 Crista Raelyn

Adult NoveltiesHopefully you’re currently getting over your chocolate coma from the Valentine’s Day candy and enjoying the warm afterglow of a wonderful holiday. One of the busiest times of the year has just ended for those of us who work with adult novelties and we are collectively putting our feet up to relax after another wild year. The Valentine’s Day rush is one of the most fun - as well as hectic - times to work in an adult novelty shop. It’s a time when we get to help our regular customers pick out something a little extra special, as well as welcome many new faces to the delights of adult shopping.


If you are one of the millions of people who decided to spice up their Valentine’s Day with some of the goodies from an adult store, we hope what you brought home was a wild success! Bringing a new sex toy, lubricant, massage oil or other sexual accessory home can open new doors of pleasure to your sex life and rekindle passion. While this may sound self serving, as Valentine’s Day fades away we hope you remember that keeping things fresh and exciting in the bedroom is a year round passionate pursuit! Don’t wait until another holiday, birthday or anniversary to show up on the calendar as a reason to shop for adult novelties, Tuesday is holiday enough to splurge on your lover.


A common refrain around our stores is that “adult novelties are for anybody with a body”. No matter what your idea of a pleasurable encounter may entail, alone or with your lover, there are toys and products to heighten your experience. Warming massage oils to pamper as well as seduce with a light flavor and sensual fragrance. Fingertip massager to amp up your foreplay power. A powerful dual action vibrator that hits all those spots at once. Sensual restraints for a little - or a lot - of power play. You are only limited by your comfort levels and creativity!


So don’t rest on your sexual laurels after a fantastic Valentine’s Day. Keep those passionate fires roaring year round easily by regular visits to your favorite local adult store. No need to break the bank on a huge toy collection either. Bringing home a few travel sizes of a new lube or massage oil will keep your love excited for what you will surprise them with next! You never know what creative juices will be sparked by browsing the new adult novelties that come in each and every week.


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