Top Five Adult Sex Novelty Gifts for Friends and Lovers

Wednesday, 30 July 2014 Crista Raelyn

ass-trayDo you want to give something to surprise the romantic love of your life? Want to bring a smile to your girlfriend's face? Adult birthday party novelty gifts are fantastic items to give to your partners.

These rude gifts help to introduce humor and fun into your relationship. They are guaranteed to be memorable and help to cement the attention of your lover. Nowadays you have a fantastic selection of these these fun silly novelty gifts at your fingertips. There are different adult novelty gifts to suit anyone's taste, whether you want to embarrass or share a special occasion with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Adult Birthday Party Novelty Gifts

Don't know where to start when you visit your adult novelty gift store? I was going out with my girlfriend when she demanded that she wanted something to spice up her sex life. I bought her an emergency mini vibrator for her birthday gift and you couldn't belief her reaction when she saw it! The toy comes with a break glass in emergency design which is only supposed to be used in times of crisis. Otherwise, it was a fully functioning vibrator complete with batteries and is supposed to be used only if the time calls for it. It was absolutely hilarious and she couldn't stop laughing when she saw it.

There was another time when my girlfriend was trying to explore different sexual positions and even bought a book on this subject matter. I bought her some kama sutra dice as a joke. It is a series of dice which contain different kama sutra positions and each time we'd choose a different location in the house. The idea is to roll the dice and end up with different types of sex each time. My girlfriend absolutely loved it and we ended up having all types of sex everywhere in the house. The possibilities are absolutely endless and each time her birthday comes she eagerly awaits a novelty gift of some sort.

Here's my top 5 pick for great novelty gifts for Friends or Lovers:

nipple-cream-buttercream1. Nipple Nibblers Lipbalm Stick - Buttercream Icing Flavor

One of the great things about this gift is that it serves both a sexual and functional purpose.  It is funny enough to get a good laugh out of your friend or lover but also functional enough for them to get some real use out of it.  It's discrete but sexual all the same.


ass-ash-tray2. The Original Ass-Tray

This hilarious gag gift is best presented to a smoker after switching out their usual ash tray.  The great thing about this gift is that it doesn't have to be sexual.  It can be a great joke about anal play but on the same note is just a funny gift for anyone comfortable in their dirty mind. Put your butts out the right way, with the Ass Tray.


penis-pasta3. OMG International's Penis Pasta

No adult party is complete without some penis shaped foods.  Rather than the classic cake OMG International got a little more creative with some deliciously silly penis pasta.  Planning an adult party?  Special dinner for your lover?  Why not get a good crack-up out of them with this hilarious pasta surprise.  Be sure to also check out their Pasta Boobs.


4. Honey Dust Body Powder

This gift is a little more class and a little less novelty.  The bag and feather duster are lovely, come in a variety of flavors, and is sure to get your lover excited for your next bed-ventures.


5. Attitude Mug - "My Mustache Is For Her Pleasure"

Don't forget the long lasting coffee mugs.  Get a bit cheeky with some rude phrased coffee mugs.  Give your friend or lover a gift that will give them a good chuckle every morning.  They come in a variety of phrases and shapes




Adult novelty gifts are great when it comes to dedicating a gift to your boyfriend, girlfriend or the crush of your life. They are excellent for teasing your partner and offer an unforgettable and humorous way of celebrating a special occasion. If you are romantically involved, adult gifts are also effective in spicing up your sex life in the bedroom. They are designed to be a bit of a laugh and whether it is a birthday or Secret Santa adult novelty gifts are always well received.

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