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Thursday, 26 July 2012 Crista

Books provided many of us with our introduction to sexual discovery. Sure, there were the skin magazines you might have discovered in the trash or through a friend and perhaps x-rated playing cards passed around in secret at school until somebody got caught. But the details of true lovemaking often came through novels of various types. These novels might have included best-sellers or even classic literature, which included scenes you didn’t see in the film versions. Ah, so that’s how it’s done, you may have thought while books help boost sexreading erotic passages. You passionately embrace each other before undraping the woman whose breasts become exposed while the wild winds blow stronger and thunder explodes outside. It sounded so romantic, but just when you were beginning to enjoy it, the chapter ended.


That still wasn’t enough. You needed more explanations. More details! So, you somehow came across a copy of an “adults only” book, also making the rounds in class before someone got caught. This happened to a classmate who foolishly placed the book on top of his school textbooks and the words, “adults only,” caught the attention of the teacher. We feared our friend would be suspended, and so would those of us who handled the book at one time or another, but he got off with a stern lecture. The teacher mentioned no more of it and the book mysteriously disappeared, but not before it had been passed around enough to give some of us a real eye-opening experience to the nitty-gritty. Wow! I didn’t know you could do that! Is that what girls like? Sounds good to me. In some of these books, you learned sex between two people is beautiful, but the more the merrier! In some cases, kids learned to read through adult books because of subject matter that made sense (educators should take note when devising new reading programs to improve literacy). You may have barely made it out of high school, but the books that really mattered gave you the information you needed to enjoy life and intensify relationships.


Later on, videos may have provided great visual entertainment, but books gave you the detailed description on how to leap through the hoops and jump over hurdles. Like most movies, even when it comes to explicit sex, the book always seems to be better. Erotic fiction, romance novels and even personal sexual accounts in magazines or on various erotic websites continue to inform readers on the endless possibilities involved in sexual adventures. True or not, the sexual escapades depicted in novels and short stories have added to the sexual happiness for millions of readers.


However, instructional books provide you with more in-depth information on lovemaking and sexual enhancement. Novels, adult books and stories are great for fantasy, but sometimes you need the advice of a professional. Books on sex by doctors and experts began booming for a wide audience in the 1970s with the release of such sensational items as “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex – But Were Afraid to Ask.” It was a breakthrough on sexual conversation at the time, but quite tame by today’s standards. And, of course, you could hardly say it contained everything you always wanted to know about sex. You can always know more and new discoveries continued to entice audiences and lovers. Since that time, psychologists, psychiatrists, sexologists, sex experts and researchers have published a variety of popular books on a wide range of subjects dealing with sex, often devoted to a particular area of the topic. Today, you can find good books about a variety of sexual techniques by highly qualified experts and authors to answer just about any question you have on the art of sex. If there’s something that may tickle your fancy, you can get the facts from such topics as the art of Japanese bondage, Kama Sutra and the art of lovemaking, talking sexy to your partner or improving your fantasies and orgasms. Some instructional books are fun and humorous while being educational. Did you know you can find a different sexual position for each day of the year? You won’t be able to complain about adding variety to your sex life everyday. You can also find instructional books on erotic massage, sexual enhancement, better blow jobs, ways to go down on your partner, or oral, anal and fetish delights, gay and lesbian sex and as much information as you need on adult sex toys. Ask and you shall receive. Who would have believed taking a sneak peak at adults-only books would lead to gathering wonderful information about improving your sex life? But instead of being a kid in a candy store, you are on your way to becoming the king or queen of sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

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