My New Favorite Sex Toy: Lelo Ida's Couple's Massager

Wednesday, 11 February 2015 Crista Raelyn

lelo ida couples massagerAre you looking for a fancy novel sex toy to satisfy your inner desires? Want something to spice up your romantic sessions?

My husband travels around a lot for his work, so I have been looking for something that I could play with when alone, as well as when we reunite for our marathon sessions together.

I already have a good collection of sex toys including vibrators, dildos and wands.

With Valentine's day coming up, I am looking for a novel toy that could bring us something that we have never experienced before.

I started browsing around the usual sex toy stores and online websites and came across this revolutionary Lelo Ida's Couple's Massager device. For those who don't know, it is not the same as a typical vibrator that stimulates your clitoris during foreplay.

We didn't expect to fall in love with this toy as much as we did...

Lelo Ida's Couple's Massager is my new favorite sex toy

The Couple's Massager can be used during sexual intercourse itself by either your partner or yourself. It functions in a similar manner to massage wands or vibrating bullets and can be used on the rest of the body to produce exquisite pleasure sensations.

There is definitely an opening gap in the market for these type of massagers and their popularity is skyrocketing. Being somebody who always want to try new things, I decided to order one and waited impatiently for the package to arrive.

Design and Use of the Vibrator

This sexy vibrator came in a neat little package complete with its instructional booklet and recharge cable. It comes in a sturdy box and it is powered by battery. At first sight, it is a strange looking device shaped like an apostrophe with a flat surface at one end.

It also comes with a remote control that allows you to control the speed and pattern of vibrations. The flat silicone surface can stimulate the clitoris or function as a general multipurpose body massager. The apostrophe end is the business end which stimulates the G spot directly.

Initially, I had a bit of trouble getting it to work but then looking at the instructions I noticed that the massager has an accelerometer function. It detects your body positioning and varies the vibration according to your movement. This is something that I have never come across before and is another revolutionary feature of this toy.

The Couple's Massager also boasts 180 degree rotational stimulation of the G spot and multiple vibration modes which can be selected using the remote control. Charging up the toy takes a couple of hours using the USB cable provided and it is completely hassle free. It is also waterproof so you can use it in the shower or in the bathroom.

When my husband returned from his trip in the weekend, I surprised him with our brand new couple's vibrator. Needless to say, he was super excited and we immediately gave it a test drive that very night. The advantage of the Massager is that we could use it together during intercourse so we could both feel the vibrations at the same time.

There are different stimulatory patterns to choose from including oscillatory, pulse and constant vibrations. It also provides rotational movement which is something that is not offered by other types of vibrators I have come across. The Lelo Ida's brand massager is also reasonably quiet unless at higher speed settings which is a huge advantage, plus it can also be used as a general massager on other sensitive body parts during foreplay.

My Experience with the Lelo Ida's Couple's Massager

The Couple's Massager does take a bit of getting used to if you have never tried it before. The idea is that it helps to enhance our intimate love making sessions in a way we never experienced before. The difference from other vibrators is that you can fit the Massager in to the vagina during penetration itself.

My husband slips his penis just beneath the sex toy, and as the end is flexible the flat surface comes into contact with my clitoris. We explored the Couple's Massager in different sex positions and found that doggie style still works best for us. The motion sensor detected our change in movement and varied its intensity without the need to fiddle with the remote. Experimenting with the different vibration patterns is also great fun and we are completely satisfied with the outcome.

During penetration, the Massager fits snugly in the vagina and I can let my husband dominate by controlling the vibrations using the remote. There are no wires that could get in the way and it allows a good deal of autonomy and hands free approach.

The disc end of the device helps to stimulate my clitoris and brought intense waves of pleasures for both of us. In fact, my partner commented that it was one of the most intense experiences he has ever felt.

After using it a few times, I was able to climax within a few minutes which is really quite an impressive feat. The Couple's Massager can be doubled up as a general massage device. Whenever my husband comes back from work, I use it to relieve his stress and massage his back. It provides a great soothing experience and as it is small and portable, you can take it on the road or conceal it in your luggage.

Final Thoughts on Lelo Ida's vibrator

As I have alluded to above, the Couple's Massager does feel a bit strange when you use it initially but once you have experienced the positive effects you will never let it go. You would probably want to consult the manual to explore the different options available before testing the Massager.

Once you have tried it solo then ask your partner to join in the fun so you can both enjoy the pleasurable vibrations. You will find that some positions work better than others so there is a bit of trial and error involved.

As it is waterproof, I find that it works great when I am in the shower. For those who want to integrate their sex toy during their intimate sexual relationship; or for those who simply want to try an innovative high-end sex toy, then you may want to look at this delightful device.

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