My Review of the Kama Sutra Weekender Kit

Monday, 07 July 2014 Crista Raelyn

kama-sutraHave you ever wondered how to spice up your sex life? Want to treat yourself on your romantic weekend getaway? I first found out about the Kit a few months ago when a friend sent me the Spearmint Pleasure Balm as a gift for my birthday.

It is a gel that can be rubbed on the body to produce a fine tingling sensation. After applying it to some of the most sensitive areas of my body I was completely addicted. I loved the unique minty flavor and it completely opened my senses to the new world of love lotions and lubricants.

I knew I couldn't resist trying out the whole Kama Sutra set so I decided to buy it during one weekend. I brought it along to our special wedding anniversary event to try it out on my partner.

What Does it Contain?

The Kit contains multiple luxury love items all packed up in a picnic sized box. The Kama Sutra company is world famous for its luxury romance products so deep down I know I would be getting quality goods. Their products are designed to bring out the sexuality in everyone and enhance the love making process. The Weekender Kit is like a distillation of the best selling products, including the Oil of Love. When I got the gift box I was surprised by how small it was, but all the individual components are tightly packed. It is ideal to take with you on the road or on your special getaway. Although the products won't last as long as you would have hoped for, I found it sufficient for the special weekend treat that I was planning.

The gift box itself is pretty durable which is ideal because I had something special planned outdoors. Both my partner and myself were very excited about the Weekender Kit and couldn't resist opening it. Having broken through the plastic covering, the box opens up like a book with the items stashed neatly inside. The products are packed in special bottles and containers, which come in different colors and may vary depending on which one you buy. These mini containers are also sealed in plastic or covered with a cap that is screwed on tightly to prevent leakage. Each item has a white card attached explaining the use of each item and how to deliver the best effect. Having tested out the Spearmint Pleasure Balm already, I was eager to try the other oils and lubricants.

Next I tried out the Oil of Love, which is one of the pioneering products from the Kama Sutra range. The Oil of Love is a lightly colored fluid with almost a musky and long lasting scent. The idea behind it is to rub in on the skin and blow on the area to cause it to heat up. I did detect a light warming sensation and the scent wasn't too strong as to turn me off having sex completely. I think it was a nice addition to the pack and the only thing was that there wasn't very much to last more than a few times. One of my favorite is the Lubricant, which is an oil designed for rubbing into your genital areas. There was very little odor to this lubricant, which suited me just fine and both of us found it exhilarating during our foreplay.

The Honeysuckle Honey Dust can be a bit messy so be wary when using it inside your house. It is a light gold dust that can be rubbed onto the skin and leaves a slight flavor for prolonged time periods. It is not particularly my cup of tea but others may like the Honey Dust. Everybody must be familiar with massage oil but the Sweet Almond oil adds a special aroma and punch to the love making. It definitely made our sexual exploration feel special and we used the massage oil to great effect rubbing it on each other. On top of this, the products are all tested and guaranteed to be safe even for those with allergies. It is also safe to use with condoms and are latex free so it should suit pretty much everyone.

Final Verdict

Overall, I loved the idea of the Weekend Kit and it made our romantic getaway feel special. The only flaw I could find is that there is too little of the ingredients and it may not last very long if you apply it generously. However, it is perfect as a gift to somebody special and I am confident that there are lots of people who would love this Kit.

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