My Review of the Vibratex Magic Wand Massager and Vibrator

Tuesday, 23 September 2014 Crista Raelyn

magic-wand-vibratorAre you looking for a good masturbation tool? Want a good and reliable sex toy that could spark off your sex sessions? I have a rather good collection of sex toys that I share with my long term male partner, but nothing could beat the Vibratex Magic Wand.

I remembered my first acquaintance with it many years ago when it first came out. It was called Hitachi Magic Wand at that time before it was acquired by the Vibratex company.

It owes its popularity to its strength, vibrating power and endurance. In fact, it became so famous that it is well known across the world both for its brand and as a massaging tool, as well as featuring in my favorite gay pornographic films. In this article, I'll explain why this toy is among the best and why you should definitely have it in your collection.

Sweet and Sexy - Venus Butterfly Stimulator

Tuesday, 24 June 2014 Crista Raelyn

butterfly-stimulatorAre you looking for a way to play with yourself when your partner is not around? Want something that you can easily put on and let it do its job? It is my delightful pleasure to introduce you to this wonderful device called the Venus Butterfly.

I can guarantee that this beautiful device can deliver stimulation for you at purely another level. I bought this a few weeks ago, intrigued by its design and shape. I have a large collection of sex toys including dildos and vibrators, but never owned a Venus Butterfly before. So I was pretty excited when I received the package. 

Vibrators - Breaking Sexual Habits

Friday, 02 March 2012 Crista Raelyn

vibratorsVibrators are amazing. Sure, I may be biased as large parts of my life have revolved around them, but anyone who has experienced the glory that are vibrators that work for their bodies shares this adoration. Vibrators are multi use sexual tools you can buy that help break sexual habits and start new ones. Keeping out of sexual ruts is imperative to keeping passion alive, with yourself or with a partner. Trying new things, learning new ways your body responds to stimulation, keeping a fresh perspective. These are all tried and true ways to fully experience your orgasmic potential through out your lifetime.

Vibrators - What Vibe Is Right For You

Wednesday, 01 February 2012 Crista Raelyn

vibratorsVibrators are the most multi-use tool in your sexual tool box. They can help give you your first orgasm, aid in becoming multi-orgasmic, or just make getting there all the more interesting. You can use them for solo sex or with a partner, each time having a completely different experience with your sex toy. While some styles are consistent in their shape or size, the uses you can find for pleasure from vibrators is only limited by your creativity. Still, trying to decide which vibrators to buy can be daunting. Here is an expanded guide to help you cut through the sex toy information overload and get the best toy for your needs.

Best Vibrators - Finding the Best Buzz For You

Saturday, 10 December 2011 Crista Raelyn

best vibratorsWorking in an adult sex toy store for any length of time has a bonus of being asked a number of delightful questions that don’t come up in conversation for most people. The two most common questions are “What are the best vibrators to buy?” Closely followed by “What is your favorite sex toy?” Each adult store worker has a different comfort level with answering about their personal toy use, but quickly answers to which are the best vibrators becomes automatic in no time. To answer this question simply, the best vibrators to buy depends greatly on how and what your body enjoys!

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