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Saturday, 10 December 2011 Crista Raelyn

best vibratorsWorking in an adult sex toy store for any length of time has a bonus of being asked a number of delightful questions that don’t come up in conversation for most people. The two most common questions are “What are the best vibrators to buy?” Closely followed by “What is your favorite sex toy?” Each adult store worker has a different comfort level with answering about their personal toy use, but quickly answers to which are the best vibrators becomes automatic in no time. To answer this question simply, the best vibrators to buy depends greatly on how and what your body enjoys!

Some people view this response as a cop out, but it’s true. What I love in a vibrator may not remotely work for the next person and vice versa. Different types of vibes for different folks is a sex toy store mantra. This all being said, even with varying desires on how a toy functions there are best vibrators to buy in every design style.

If power is your friend and nothing sounds better to you than deep, powerful, long lasting vibration a wand massager style is your best bet. The basic design is for external stimulation from the vibrating head with a long hand held wand for easy positioning. (If you want extremely powerful internal power you can also add attachments for them to rock the G-spot or prostate!) Wand massagers typically are plugged into the wall, though more and more are becoming rechargeable so you are not limited by a cord or how many free outlets you have nearby. The Hitachi Magic Wand is the most popular of these styles and can be considered a sex toy icon. One last bonus of this style? They often last years longer than battery operated sex toys.

Should your body be more sensitive to vibration, fear not. There is a huge selection of battery operated vibrators that will leave you buzzing with delight long after you turn off the power. For external good vibrations that fit the curves of your body the Layaspot is one of the best vibrators you can buy. This brightly colored vibe fits in the palm of your hand and has settings anywhere from a low rumble to wild surges and everything in between. Does your G-spot love attention? The Slimline G is a basic, yet powerful vibrator that has been a best seller for years. Lastly if simple is a way to your heart a basic vibrating bullet or egg has been a sex toy staple for decades. With sliding scale vibration and simple design it’s hard to beat!

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