Vibrators - What Vibe Is Right For You

Wednesday, 01 February 2012 Crista Raelyn

vibratorsVibrators are the most multi-use tool in your sexual tool box. They can help give you your first orgasm, aid in becoming multi-orgasmic, or just make getting there all the more interesting. You can use them for solo sex or with a partner, each time having a completely different experience with your sex toy. While some styles are consistent in their shape or size, the uses you can find for pleasure from vibrators is only limited by your creativity. Still, trying to decide which vibrators to buy can be daunting. Here is an expanded guide to help you cut through the sex toy information overload and get the best toy for your needs.


Not everyone looking at vibrators to buy wants a large behemoth that sounds like a jet plane taking off. Many people want to buy vibrators that are so discreet that airport security won’t have any clue what it is. If you’re one of those people, you are in luck. Incognito vibes are in vogue, especially those shaped like a tube of lipstick. When the cap it on even you will have trouble telling which is the vibe and which isn’t!


While less discreet than the incognito vibrators, you can buy a number of small toys that easily slide on your finger for a little (or a lot) of extra power. The Fukuoku finger vibe comes with interchangeable sleeves that side over the toy for different vibrating sensations, along with a very handy travel pouch. Stash it in your purse or bag so you or your lover can dial up foreplay anytime the spirit moves you! Let your fingers do the walking, talking and vibrating every chance you get.


Power is incredibly important to virtually everyone who is in the market to buy vibrators. Equally important to most is a powerful sex toy that is also quiet enough to not wake the neighbors. Sounds like a nearly impossibly tall order but the electric Wahl vibrator with awesome attachments is up to the challenge. If you desire something more mobile as well as battery operated, Doc Johnson’s Velvet Jewel line is beautiful, powerful and quiet as a church mouse. Please note with the Velvet Jewel line that if you desire to use it internally, it is best to cover it with a condom for easy clean up. The velvety texture of the toy makes it feel oh, so very luxe but can also make proper clean up a difficult task.

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