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Have you ever wondered what you are going to buy for your partner on special occasions? Do you want to get unique and funny novelty toys for your close friends and family? Many people remark that they have never bought a sex toy in their lives, but the truth is they are easily accessible on online stores.

You don't even need to physically step into a physical adult store anymore to purchase these wonderful gifts. These adult toys are just simply hilarious and innovative in every way. They supply you with countless ideas to make your bedroom sessions fresh and keep your partner excited every night.

Sex Books

extras-50-shades-of-grayDo you ever want to know the secrets of the kama sutra positions or the simple pleasures of lovemaking? It is said that " to learn to read is to light a fire". Nothing can stir up your inner erotic sensation and passion more than reading the experiences of other like-minded individuals.

With these books you learn how to properly make love to your partner and transport yourselves to another level of sexual ecstasy. Learn how to find the fabled G-spot and explore different sexual positions.

Experience the maximal pleasure during intercourse and make the most from your bedroom sessions. Alternatively, indulge in some naughty adult fiction stories when you need something to get you aroused. Indulge in action packed and graphic sexy storylines to explore your deepest desires.

Kegel Exercisers

extras-ben-wa-balls-kegelOne of the ways of giving yourself more intense orgasms is to exercise your vaginal muscles regularly. Older women tend to have more lax vaginas because of previous childbirth which stretches the birth canal. With Kegel Exerciser toys you can use them to tighten your inner vaginal wall muscles.

These can come in different shapes and forms, such as Kegel balls or dildos. The idea is that you insert them into the vagina and you use your muscles to hold onto these objects, allowing fast buildup of muscle tone for a better sexual experience. This leads to more powerful climaxes for both yourself and also your partners.




extras-non-latex-skyn-condomsNowadays condoms are necessary for a good number of reasons, including prevention of sexually transmitted disease and also contraceptive purposes. They come in a wide variety of brands and flavors designed for both men and women. Even if you decide to masturbate using a dildo, using a condom can help keep it clean and prevent cross infection if you decide to share it with somebody close.

If you use it for both vaginal and anal stimulation then using a condom for each prevents spreading of bacteria and causing urinary infections. For the ultimate sensation try the ultra thin varieties to experience sex in its utmost form. Alternatively, ribbed condoms provide extra stimulation for your partner.



extras-dirty-diceWe live in an age that is driven by political correctness and social inhibition. Sex games help to transport us from the mundane and grinding reality of daily routines. Spice up your bedroom life and escape from your ordinary lovemaking process with these innovative card or dice games.

These help to push the boundary beyond your comfort zone and indulge in bondage and fetish ideas. Roll the dice and find out what sex act you need to perform next. Sex games are perfect for your foreplay sessions and maximize your arousal before the final climax.



Gift Shop

kama-sutra-kitIf you are looking for interesting adult gift ideas or want to buy a romantic gift for your partner then this is the perfect spot. These gifts will definitely make your partner laugh or feel embarrassed. No matter how they feel, a good gift will definitely brighten up their day. Whether it is to embarrass a colleague at work or a gift for your lover they would be amazed.





extras-penis-cake-panThese adult novelty gifts are becoming more and more popular by the day. If your friend is getting married or you want to surprise somebody then these will definitely bring a smile to their face.

These adult joke items such as clone a willy kit or kama sutra dice are saucy and hilarious at the same time. If you like crude humor then these items will bring out the naughty side in you. This category also includes strange and wonderful items such as boob shaped stress relievers and willy hand warmers.




extras-bacheloretteHow would you spend the last day of your bachelorhood? Bachelor parties are renowned for the crazy antics and wild nights, just what is needed for the last night of freedom. Adult sex games are perfect for your bachelor parties. Other accessories such as cake pans, shot glasses and penis straws are hot items.

If you want to add an exciting atmosphere to your bachelor party, then consider party banners or inflatable dolls or decorations. Necklaces or beads tend to be quite popular for the girls; whereas thongs and mankinis are a must for the boys. A bachelor parties is a once in a lifetime so ensure to make it an unforgettable and exhilarating experience.


Stripper Poles

extras-stripper-polePole dancing is now a popular event due to the efforts of celebrities including Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Jessica Alba... It is a good aerobic exercise and trains your body's flexibility and core strength. Moves such as climbs and inversion training can require months of practice and is now part of mainstream entertainment.

The important features to think about when purchasing a pole include safety and durability. Bolt in mount design and safety mats are essential especially when you are just learning the ropes and you should continue checking the pole to ensure your safety is not compromised.





Toy Care/Cleaners

extras-adult-toy-cleanerEvery adult toy you purchase should be stored and maintained appropriately to prolong their shelf life. Toy cleaners contain antibacterial agents to cleanse your toys after use. Special storage devices help keep them clean and sterilized after each use.

Different toys should be stored separately depending on the material of which they are made. For instance, plastic toys are prone to heat damage so should be placed away from metal dildos. These cleansing agents are essential for sex toy lovers and those with a sizeable collection.

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