Warming oils, massage oils, sensation gels . . .? Which is best for me?

There are many different types of intimacy enhancing oils and creams on the market. These are not meant to be used as lubricants as the oil based ones will break down condoms, and the flavored ones contain sugars that can cause yeast infections. Some of the most popular ones are:

1) Warming Oils
These are one of the most popular playtime items around. These flavored oils heat up with friction and get REALLY hot when blown on. They make for a fun massage, but they do get sticky, so keep a towel handy. They are ideal for oral sex.

2) Massage Oils
Most standard massage oils (and lotions) are non-flavored, though some flavored ones do exist (i.e.; Making Love Flavored Massage Oil). These oils are intended for actual massage and many contain essential oils with aromatherapeutic properties meant to relax, heighten the senses, or stimulate arousal. Any oil-based massage oil should be cleaned up before condoms are used to avoid condom breakage.

3) Sensation Gels and Creams
These are the newest and most popular introduction to the world of sex and can be used to increase the sensitivity of the clitoris, penis, or nipples. These sexual enhancement products range from the basic ones which contain menthol or similar ingredients for a topical effect to the herbal and amino acid formulas which actually increase sensitivity by dilating the blood vessels at the surface where applied.

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