1)Silicone Sex Toys

Among the highest quality of materials, silicone has a lifelike feel and retains body heat. Non-porous (no bacteria!) and easy to clean, silicone sex toys will last for years. Silicon is the closest thing to hypoallergenic to be found in a sex toy as long as you clean it with each use. 

2) Latex Sex Toys

Latex rubber is being used less often in sex toys as more and more people develop latex allergies. Not as lifelike and firm as silicone, it is a close alternative for those with no latex allergies that don't want to incur the cost of silicone. Be sure to clean sex toys thoroughly before and after use as latex is porous and can harbor germs.

3) Jelly Sex Toys

Jelly sex toys are easily the most prevalent on the market as they are soft, comfortable, and reasonably inexpensive. They are more delicate than most other styles and extremely porous, so wash thoroughly and discard if the material tears.

4) Lifelike (i.e.; Cyberskin, UR3, Passion Skin, Futurotic)

Soft and fleshy, these replicate the texture and feel of real human skin. Delicate and porous, they require extra care but are well worth it. A dusting of specially formulated renewal powder or cornstarch after each cleaning will maintain the texture. Store them apart from other sex toys as direct contact can degrade the composition of the material.

5) Acrylic Adult Sex Toys

Do you like your sex toys hard? Then acrylic or plastic is great for you. They're easy to keep clean because they're non-porous and enable you to reach your G-spot or anal erogenous zones with an abundance of pressure.

6) Vinyl Sex Products

Basic, reliable, and affordable, vinyl is extremely durable and easy to keep clean since it is non-porous. Vinyl is not currently used for many sex toys, but manufacturers are increasing their output as its popularity increases.

7) Glass 

Glass is rapidly becoming the material of choice for dildo connoisseurs. With proper care glass pieces will last a lifetime and beyond. These are generally made by the same glass blowers that construct glass pipes and can be found with beautiful designs and decorations. Pyrex glass pieces are virtually indestructible as they are made of the same glass used for science labs. Some glass pieces are filled with liquids that glow in the dark, hold heat, or simply add to the attractiveness of the sex toy. Glass is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and dishwasher safe. It can be run under water to change the temperature or even put in boiling water or the freezer as it retains temperature. If your glass sex toy gets a crack or chip in it, DISCARD IT IMMEDIATELY.


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