Are you a new user of adult sex toys?
Learn all about the terminology of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, etc.

1) Dildos
A common misperception is that any sex toy is a dildo. If it vibrates, it is a vibrator, not a dildo. The word dildo refers to non-vibrating sex toys used for anal or vaginal insertion, often (though not always) penis shaped. Many dildos come with suction cup bases that allow for hands free use, as they can be attached to any smooth surface. These are also the standard choice for use with a strap on harness.

2) Vibrators
This is a generic term used to describe basically any sex toy that vibrates. Within the world of vibrators, there are those that are intended for anal or vaginal insertion, those for clitoral stimulation, and those designed for insertion and clitoral stimulation at the same time such as the world famous "Rabbits".

3) Men's Masturbation Sex Toys
There are a number of options available for the pleasure of men, from the super pricey, super lifelike dolls, to simple jelly masturbation sleeves. Many of these sex toys are now being made of lifelike materials to provide a "close your eyes and you'll swear it's real" feel. It's becoming quite popular for couples to incorporate male masturbation tools into their lovemaking repertoire, as women's sex toys have been used for decades. A lubricant should always be used with these. Remember not to use silicone lube with your silicone sex toys!

4) Anal Sex Toys
An anal sex toy is any object designed to pleasure the anus, whether on the surface or by penetration. Many dildos and vibrators are adaptable for vaginal or anal play; however NEVER insert a sex toy that has been used anally into the vagina without thoroughly cleaning it first.

Unlike the vagina, there is no natural lubrication produced by the anus or rectum, so lubricant is a MUST. If not using a lube specifically designed for anal use, a silicone lube is your next best bet as it maintains its slickness longer and is generally of a thicker consistency than water based lubes.

5) Butt Plugs
These come in vibrating and non-vibrating varieties. It's always best to start with something small and work your way up. Plugs should always have a flared base to ensure that they aren't "sucked up" and lost inside the rectum. For men, an anal plug stimulates the prostate gland resulting in explosive orgasms, and for women it provides a sense of fullness, particularly when used in conjunction with lovemaking. Butt plugs are meant to stay where they are after insertion, not moved in and out.

6) Anal Beads
These are meant to enhance the strength of your orgasm; just lube them up and insert them one at a time into the anus and slowly pull them out at the time of orgasm. Those strung on cotton cords are meant for one time use only, as they cannot be thoroughly sanitized. Those on nylon, silicone, or jelly coated cords are more expensive but reusable.

7) Anal Probes
These slender probes come in vibrating and non-vibrating models, and provide a more active experience than a butt plug as they are intended to be moved in and out. These are excellent for stimulating the male prostate, particularly the vibrating models.

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