Introduction to Sexy Clothing

Do you want to make your partner feel really special? Are you planning a romantic night or a surprise dinner party? No matter what special event you have planned, dressing up in sexy clothing is a sure way of firing up the night. It also makes your partner feel unique and desirable.

You can dress up in sexy lingerie to impress your partner or get into a naughty costume to get their heart racing. Sexy clothes are also ideal gifts for your loved ones or close friends. If you want to make your anniversary or birthday memorable, then make sure that you have a good selection of sexy lingerie to accompany the event.


sexy-neon-clothingMost people think that sexy wear is all about thongs or fetish clothes but nothing is further from the truth. Sexy jewelry can really embellish your evening and get your partner excited.

There is a wide choice of jewelry available including nipple charms and clamps, clitoral jewelry and rings. Not all of these are piercing and they can add much to your beauty and elegance.

If you want to transform your appearance for the evening, why not try to wear a wig and wet your partner's appetite? If you want to turn the heat up, arrive at your special event with high heels or stilettos.

Alternatively, surprise your partner with platform shoes or sexy knee high boots to make him feel he is the most important person in your world.

Fetish Clothing

sexy-faux-leather-fetish-clothingIf you are in to fetishism or bondage then nothing would be complete without some fancy fetish wear.

There is a wide variety of fetish clothes to suit every taste, including hoods, dominatrix gear, restraints and leather corsets.

These are guaranteed to satisfy your needs and fulfill your deepest and naughtiest desires. Materials range from PVC, faux leather and wet looking fabrics to build up the mood for the evening.

Wear these beautiful suits and outfits in your bedroom to discover the inner dominating or submissive side inside you.



sexy-nurse-costumeDo you have a fantasy of making it out with a lady in a nurse outfit? Or do you want to be an angel for the night complete with wings? Or you may want to be a cowgirl in a western setting and ride into the sunset. No matter what fantasy you have, there are guaranteed to be sexy costumes that would fulfill your inner need.

If you want to run a special occasion with a particular theme then costumes are definitely essential to make it even more unforgettable.

You can get these sexy costumes in a size that suits you and help reveal the kinky side within you. They are also ideal for role playing and they can really turn up the heat in your foreplay sessions.

Alternatively, continue wearing it during your sex sessions to increase the fun. If you have ever fantasied making love with a naughty secretary or somebody in a police uniform, these costumes will make your dream come true in no time.


sexy-sleep-wearNothing can uplift the mood of an evening more than wearing some sexy lingerie to tease your partner's taste-buds. Ladies can choose from a selection of sexy hosiery, bustiers or corsets or lacy panties to get your partner in the mood. Bustiers and corsets help to show off your figure and waistline and you can also wear them under your clothes.

Body shapers show off you tummy and hips as well as emphasizing your cleavage area with molded cups.

Surprise your partner with some silk or satin pajamas when he comes into bed at night. The semi-revealing nature of these sexy wear make you desirable and hot at the same time. Whilst you are at it, you can also try out some body stockings or bra and panty sets to complete the picture.

If you really want to impress your partner, why not try putting on a bare minimum or just a simple G-string? It is guaranteed to make your partner begging to have sex with you. In fact, the most gratifying part about wearing sexy lingerie is the unwrapping part at the end of the night when everything comes off. Some newer panties have vibrators attached with remote controls that allow your partner to control the stimulation at the flick of a button.

The advantage with sexy lingerie is that your partner will be so drawn to you that you build up a new air of confidence and self esteem.


sexy-fly-jock-briefsWho says that sexy lingerie is only designed for women? Nowadays, there is more pressure on men to deliver and there is nothing more appealing than wearing a tantalizing set of undergarments on the night.

There is a good selection of sexy underwear available for men including thongs, boxers and G-strings. These all come in different materials and sizes to ensure a perfect fit and make your lady come back for more. Imagine the look of surprise on her face when you take off your trousers or jeans. She will be so ecstatic that she wouldn't know when to stop.

If you are feeling adventurous, then check out the cock-a-too underwear that dresses your penis and balls but leave the head of your penis exposed. Banana hammocks are popularized by Sacha Cohen in the movie Borat and emphasizes your genitalia in a sling-like strap. Whatever you decide to wear, these sexy garments will emphasize your package and make you stand out from the pack.

Transgender Apparel

sexy-transform-see-through-braHave you ever participated in a bit of cross dressing fun? Male to female accessories have been around for many years and is now an accepted part of our culture. You can choose from a wide selection of dresses or skirts to fit all sizes, together with sexy boots and high heels to match.

Breast forms are silicone of foam enhancers that serve to augment your breasts in a realistic manner. These blend with the natural contours of your chest and give you the cleavage that you desire. Finish your selection with some makeup and jewelry and choose a beautiful wig to complete your transformation.

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