Introduction to Anal Sex

anal toysAre you thinking of pushing the boundary when it comes to experimenting with sex? Do you want to explore what anal sex feels like but don't know where to start?

Anal sex used to be forbidden territory a few decades ago but now it is becoming more and more popular. With the right technique, it can be an intimate and pleasurable alternative to normal sex. A lot of couples remark that though they didn't like the idea at the start, it gave them a whole new world of sensations that they have never experienced before.

Finding the right sex toys to introduce a new partner to anal sex is therefore paramount. Most people are surprised by how many different anal sex toys that are out there in the market. Just like your normal dildos and vibrators, these come in different shapes and sizes.

There are plenty of anal toys to cater for every taste from the novice to the experienced anal lover. For beginners, we would suggest simple butt plugs or anal beads to ease their transition into anal sex. For more advanced users, vibrating plugs and prostate massagers can help take anal play to the next level.

 Anal Douches & Enemas

anal-fantasy-douche-enemaBefore you embark on your journey into anal sex, the first thought that comes into a beginner's mind is that it is messy and unhygienic. This is where the anal douche comes into play. The name "douche" comes from French meaning to wash or shower. Anal douche consists of a long tube with a contractible rubber bulb at the end containing warm water. The tube is inserted into the anus and when the bulb is squeezed, water pours out of the holes near the end thus removing the insides.  Buying an anal douche is a definite prerequisite before participating in anal sex and helps keep things clean and sanitized. Once you have done it a few times, the process becomes more natural and it is a pleasurable experience in itself.

Recommended Brands: Anal Fantasy, COLT


Butt Plugs

anal-mood-naughty-butt-plugFor the beginner, butt plugs can make or break their first voyage into the world of anal sex. These comes in different models and can be made from various materials including plastic or silicone. The idea is to simulate penetration in real life by placing them into the anal orifice. A useful tip is to try a small one first with plenty of lubricant just to get used to the feel of anal sex. You can then migrate to larger butt plugs or more advanced ones with vibrating options. A lot of men love participating in anal sex because of the extra stimulation on the prostate gland, which adds to sexual arousal and pleasure sensations. A great tip is to ensure you use lots of anal lubricant on all your anal toys before usage. The reason is that unlike the vagina which produces natural secretions during sex, this is not the same for anal sex so additional lubrication is required to avoid tears or injury.

 Recommended Brands: Mood, Risque

 Anal Beads

anal-icicles-2-hand-blown-glass-anal-beadsAnal beads are yet another great way of introducing anal sex to a new couple. The beads are stringed up and organized with the smaller beads at one end with progressively larger beads along the cord. The idea is that a partner can insert these beads into the anus to gradually dilate it and experience what anal sex feels like. With plenty of lubrication, most people should be able to handle the smaller beads and then with time they can graduate to the larger beads. Most anal beads have a ring or handle at the end to avoid losing the beads inside the anus, which would mean an embarrassing trip to the hospital to have them removed.

 Recommended Brands: Icicles, Climax



 Anal Probes

anal-fujikos-probeThese are like your dildo equivalents and provide deep anal penetration, which can also be used in foreplay or practice. They are built slightly thinner and more slender than usual dildos and offer exquisite sensations for experienced anal lovers. They are shaped like penises and simulate real life penetration. These also come in different sizes and some have ridges on the side to provide additional pleasure.

 Recommended Brands: Titanmen, Fujikos, Anal Fantasy




anal-eze-lubricantTo provide the best experience, lubricants are definitely recommended for all couples interested in anal sex. These can either be water based or silicone based gel. Water based gel tend to work better if you don't intend to wear condoms during intercourse. Good quality lubricants reduce the friction and help to make anal sex a painless experience. Most people report some discomfort in their first anal session but generous lubricant can reduce that enormously.

 Recommended Brands: Lube Tube, AnalEze, AnalEse



 Prostate Massagers

anal-prostate-massagerIf you have not tried out prostate massagers, then you are definitely missing out on a great sexual experience. For those who don't know, the prostate gland is an extremely sensitive area that is only reachable via the anal orifice. It is akin to the G spot in women and most do not appreciate the power of stimulating this region. Correctly massaging this area can result in intense orgasms for men and some have even compared it to an out of body experience. Prostate massagers are specifically developed to deliver stimulation to this area. They are built with a bulbous head that can be placed in the anus and designed to fit right on top of the prostatic gland. Rhythmic anal contractions then deliver pleasurable sensations to the prostate. Other models have vibrators fitted in and they also come in various models to fit people with different sizes.

 Recommended Brands: AnerosLelo Billy, Anal Fantasy

 Trainer Kits

anal-wendy-williams-trainer-kitIf you are confident that you want to experience the whole anal sex experience, then why not try out the anal trainer kits on offer? These are packages containing the basic items recommended for anal sex lovers. They usually contain anal beads, simple butt plugs or probes and some contain prostate massagers for more advanced users. Some packages contain butt plugs of different sizes to encourage transition into real anal sex. They are ideal for couples venturing into the world of anal sex and want to experience what it is all about.

 Recommended Brands: Wendy Williams, Crystal Jellies, Juli Ashton



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